PJ Upgrade shortlist

As I mentioned in another thread, I’ve recently sold my Classic Vibe Jaguar and there’s now an empty space in my stable.
I’m looking for a PJ for some heavy rock fun.
Think Sabbath to Guns n Roses.

So just for fun (and possibly make me aware of options I hadn’t considered) I’ll pull together a list of options here.
What else should go onto the list (or what should come off)?

  • Aesthetics are (very!!!) important
  • It must be a P-J
  • Must be available in Europe - so unfortunately no Japanese or USA only editions
  • Probably a 4 string
  • Passive or Active - no real preference here

The shortlist currently consists of
1] Fender Duff McKagan DLX P Bass

2] Warwick RB Streamer NT I 4

3] ESP LTD Surveyor ´87
Ticks a lot of boxes!

Honorable Mentions
Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Unfortunately these are way overpriced in Europe for some reason. :roll_eyes:



Fender American Performer.
Slightly thicker neck than the Duff. More versatile controls.

Aspirational Exotics
Sandberg California VT

BC Rich Mockingbird

I’ll edit this first post as new contenders are discovered!


Is price a factor as well? Either way, the ubiquitous Sire P7 springs to mind… A bass that’s been haunting me in my dreams, I don’t mind admitting. And of course there’s the ESP LTD AP-4, another real beauty.


Fair question.
Let’s say circa €1500 / US$1500 including any mods, but that’s a limit, not a target. :wink:


Should be plenty of choice in that price range.


I’m a big fan of Sire, they’re really nicely finished and great value.
There’s just something about the aesthetics of the P7 that’s not gelling with me.
I think it’s the headstock. :confused:

The AP-4 is a good shout - bonus points for the Ebony fingerboard!


Get it in Pelham Blue and make me insanely jealous:


You were thinking about Black Sabbath, so maybe one of those might feel good :innocent:

A bit hard to find, but not impossible.

Another choice could be a Sandberg California VT4, even though they have a reversed P pickup :heart_eyes:

Both the Lakland and the Sandberg are however at the upper price limit you set :sweat_smile:


That Sandberg is gorgeous :heart_eyes:, but it completely blows the budget @ circa €2300.


Yep, once you chose custom models, they get pretty expensive. If you’re lucky, you can find models ordered by shops with lower prices than those in the configurator :wink:


I haven’t tried in awhile, but I think I remember the configurator having big price jumps for certain finishes of the same bass. I thought there were good looking ones at the top of your range.


€1670 seems to be the starting point for a matt finish.
I’m gonna say gorgeous but aspirational at this stage of my amateur bass career. :laughing:


Before looking at your options in the first post I immediately thought of the Duff McKagan bass .
You could look at preloved basses and upgrade pickups and preamps within your price range?


Yikes. That used to be on my wish list.



I actually was thinking of selling mine, because I have no room!
Damn I wish I was still traveling to Europe for work, but grounded since Covid.
This is a GREAT bass, each day I go back and forth with selling keeping where do i put it etc.

Pic Does not do it justice. The neck is awesome.
There are actually zero for sale in the US right now which was making me think its a good time to sell it.

The Aerodyne is delayed with FedEx due to the tropical storms so can’t comment yet on it but will be able to by the weekend. Not crazy about the pickups the guy put in it so was actually thinking of putting Geezers in it.

Net/net you are in a great ballpark of ideas!


Gladly, if something suitable comes along.
Ireland is a small country so there’s not much in the line of choice on the used market - and I’m fussy! :wink:

What are the chances? Damned Atlantic ruining all our fun.

I guess these versions are a few years old now.
I can find the current model which has a spalted Maple top which I really don’t like. I did find a brand new burl Maple top version in stock with a reputable dealer, great return policy, brand new at a great price. But… It’s a 5 string. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll be interested to hear how you think it compares to the Aerodyne.

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Must it be full scale? Absolutely love my American performer mustang. Short scale with the classing mustang p pickups and Yosemite Jazz bridge. Feels great. Most of my favorite players are tall and have long fingers. I find that short scale bass allows me to play similar techniques easier.

I definitely love the Aerodyne and Emg combo. I love aerodyne period. At one point I own 4. Three with different pickups and one fretless. It’s a great platform. I do wish that there’s a little more room in the cavity.


Well this time yes.
Next time? Who knows. :slight_smile:

I actually tried a Mustang last weekend and it didn’t do it for me.
I preferred the 32" scale Jaguar so a higher end medium scale could make a reappearance at some point in the future.

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I hear you H, I have a couple of 32” and I love them. One was the first bass I ever bought with my hard earn dough, lol. The Yamaha Motion ii. There’s a project bass out of that one for sure.


One bass I would consider is the ESP LTD AP-4

-Grover Tuners
-Babicz Bridge

  • EMG P/LJ Pickups
  • EMG Active Preamp
  • Ebony fretboard (okay, I really like the feel of an ebony fretboard)

Checks a lot of boxes


Aaaand. . . it comes in a lefty version! Bonus points! :wink: