Best way to remove/isolate bass tracks

What’s the best way to remove a bass track from a song so I can play along to it? There are threads in the search, but it seems like this is something that’s had some AI advances and changed pretty quickly.

For bonus points is there anything that lets me listen to the bass that I removed by itself? I can pick up at least some melodies by ear, but bass tracks are a lot more jumbled in the mix and hard to pick out.

5 free track separations per month or subscribe for more. It’s brilliant.


Yep, Moises is what I use too. It’s great.


+1 for moises.


Yep Moises, and you can mute other instrument and only play bass track, but for best result just lower other tracks down very low and push the bass up, you can slow it down without changing pitch as well as A-B the tricky sections.

2 Likes for me. Mark Smith of turned me on to it.

It has pulled out some deeply buried lines that others couldn’t.

Don’t know if there’s a free, limited version. I bought a large package of credits at a good discount during one their frequent sales.

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  2. > Splitter AI
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cool but it says that I have to purchase the music from itunes .

is there a way to avoid paying (not that I can’t pay 1eur for a song but I’m already paying for the monthly subscription of apple music)

thanks !

I didn’t get that restriction. I simply upload any mpg3s that I have on my computer. I’m not on an Apple system. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

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It does :wink: I don’t have MP3 on my devices, I jsut read from the cloud
thanks !

1 Like is insane. You guys didn’t even include that it gives you tempo, key signature, and displays a chord (guess?) as well.

Unfortunately the first song I put in there appears to be in D# minor which makes me want to skip thinking about what any note is and just learn fingerings :grimacing:


What’s special about D# minor? It’s just another key :slight_smile:

It does call F E#, sure, but no big deal. Best to get used to that now :slight_smile:


The thing that’s wrong with it is a residual feeling from HS orchestra that any piece with more than 4 sharps/flats in the key signature was written at least halfway to fuck with the instrumentalists. Or by a brass player who won’t transpose which is basically the same thing.


Haha yeah I did come from trumpet, I guess

not that I really remember it

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It might just be the paid version, but you can also change the key the song is in so you don’t have to change the tuning of your bass down a half step, just move the track up half a step.

Lalalai is great (as mentioned earlier I have pushed it quite a bit on the channel). However, if you want the best splitter on the market I would recommend RipX. I’ve been using it for the past few months and it is brilliant.
All stem splitters are going to be imperfect. The bass will sound like the speakers are covered in treacle when the mix is congested. But, RipX is the best I’ve tried.
And as a bonus, every note is displayed at the correct pitch next to a piano graphic so you can actually just click on a note to find the pitch. There’s a bunch of other awesome features too but it is relatively expensive.


@markjsmith - I have tested both Lalalai and Moishes and found seperation with Moishes much better - but both are far from perfect, unfortunately.

I am looking at RipX too and have tested one track that came out comparable to Moishes.
The MIDI generation feature was really bad though, absolutely unusable, even for simple (but great) tracks, like Meshell Ndegeocello - Make Me Wanna Holler :frowning:

Do you know the difference between RipX standard and pro in trems of relevance to bass players?

Just started trialling RipX after seeing it mentioned somewhere the other day too!
Pretty decent :slightly_smiling_face:

I mainly use Splitter by Bandlab. It’s free! You can isolate and adjust the volume of vocals/instrument. You can also change the song key. I use for church practice and also finding song key for our singers.

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I’m looking for a software or app that is like Moises and the other suggestions in this thread but with chords / tabs to go with it and has a database of songs I can tap into rather than having to upload previously acquired mp3 files. Basically I’m looking for Ultimate Guitar Tabs (which I own and use) but with vocals included. I want to play along with songs that actually have the vocals and teach me the song as I go. Any suggestions?