Bi-amping - without two amps

Looking at a bass that has two separate outputs for the pickups vs. a blend knob, one for humbucker pickup and one for peizo.

Can I just get an ABY pedal? Do they all work in reverse (which is what I would need). Any in particular that are better than others or better for bass?

Anything else I would need to do?

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a passive ABY does work in reverse, an active ABY doesn’t. it can work very good or very bad, depending on the relative impedance, output levels and phase of the two outputs of the instrument.

I’m not very optimistic in this case, because a humbucker has a high output and a piezo has a very low output.

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Is there some other magical box I can put on one side to match?

I am also assuming I can put each input into my focusrite, adjust gain, and record, yes?


Yes and this would give you a lot more flexibility than a pedal. A separate DAW track for each.


Couldn’t you just use a pedal that has stereo in and mono out? There are a number of those out there.

There are also professional tools for this purpose that are highly rated, but not sure if you want to go that far. The JDI for example has a Merge feature to do just what you are asking.

Note: They have many of these. This is the passive one. Not sure if your bass is active or passive or if you are sending it through anything else first.

If the bass has two outs and he wants to simulate bi-amping, then I would definitely want each on a different track so you can apply different amp sims to each.

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I agree, but I thought he just wanted to merge them. Also, he could run them through different pedals and them merge them at the end.

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BTW, if anyone wants to do the opposite and separate their signal into two paths to treat differently, this is a great pedal for that:

maybe a small mixer table ?

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Yes, I do want to blend/mix teh two, and be ablt to do it via the amp, not just the DI.

I think I can get a booster for the peizo side, like below, then ABY them.

So, I took a chance and ordered one of these from the little shop over the bridge, will get it in about 2 weeks. I found this review on it, and it states the Piezo is an active circuit, and can be blended, but who knows.

So what I think I will do is start with an ABY that can be blended and see if that is ok, if not boosting the ‘quieter side’ with the mini is an option, or maybe an eq / boost on the peizo? Will see what arrives and how it sounds and see if I even care about blending the two first though.

The one I ordered is in 'Italian Cream". Wanted something completely different.

I actually went there after a Fender MIJ HMT semi-hollow bass they had, which has a P and a peizo pickup you can blend, but as I was noodling with it I realized something was not right. Opened up the electronics and someone ripped out all the active electronics (which based on talkbass forum posts stated you need a piezo buffer to fix some fender design issues). However, someone decided to make the active pickups passive, which devalues this rarer bass and makes for a project i wasn’t interested in taking on. My dream semi-hollow/hollow body is a VOX Sidewinder, but that has to wait until I find a mint one and have funds, so this will fill the ‘void’ in the rack until then.


That’s one cool looking bass. :sunglasses:


I’d check out the Bassbone from Radial:

When I was touring I had one and there was a blend feature.

My upright bass had two outputs - a piezo and a magnetic pickup.
The Bassbone functions as a preamp/DI, and there may be an option in there you like.
It works best as a switcher for having 2 basses - allowing you to adjust the tone and output to run to the same amp.
But I think there is that option to blend two inputs together.

Worth a look. Radial’s gear has been great in my experience.


Thanks! I struggled with Black or White but figured white was so different why not.
Now the guy tells me he ordered the wrong thing and has to recheck if they actually have any…yay!

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So, I guy over at talkbass has one of the Mondials, he uses a VERY high tech solution, says it works just fine…

I think I will start here. HAHA


Well, I got a call from the little shop over the bridge…the plot thicks!

No one seems to know if they actually have this bass in stock. Italia USA is searching ‘several warehouses’ (spoke to the rep directly as well) and even though their website says everything is in stock, which it ain’t, just how they run their business (junk) they don’t appear to have one, but, he has other warehouses he is looking through (don’t ask me, no clue).

Plot twist…apparently these are very costly to make so Italia has stopped making them, and redesigned them, but no one knows what the changes are. Also, no one seems to know when they new model comes out.

Plot twistier…there is a cargo ship with a lot of these on it, expected in early May, and the US rep has no idea if they are this model or the next. The boat was backed up due to the Suez / shipping lane debacle so…we wait patiently.

So this could go one of many ways…

  1. They find the bass I actually ordered in a warehouse, YAY.
  2. The bass I actually ordered is on the boat on its way here, yay.
  3. The basses on the boat are the new version and its even awesomer - ya, we shall see.
  4. The basses on the boat are nothing like what I was looking for, hoping for - boo.

If #4 I think I will take the cash I was going to spend on this and put it in a savings account and save/wait for either a the vintie Vox Sidewinder or I also have my eye on a Gretsch G5123B

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Check out the Gretsch 5442BDC - I want one :slight_smile:


Just FYI- The Yamaha Attitude bass has two outputs also. One for each pickup.


I will! Thanks.

I’m not sure of the differences in the current Vs that older one. I guess I should figure all that out.

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Yeah I think it’s probably the same but $999 new and cheaper used. There’s a long scale variant too (the 5440).

I would love to try one out, they look and sound great to me.

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Different Scales (slightly), different body dimensions, different pickups.
Same goes for every model inbetween practically.
The newer hollowbodies just don’t have that sound I am looking for, extra ‘woody’.
That Vintie Vox Sidewinder had it in spades.

These videos sum up nicely the difference in tone I hear when i try instruments that seem to get that extra woody tone right, and the more modern versions, to me, all sound a lot like the second video.