Cabs for home practice - your thoughts

It cracks me up, how fast we go from “my bass sounds great through this practice amp, I am really making the groove now!” all the way up though “check out my 4x10!”

Like, I am sitting here in front of 160W of monitor speakers curently playing youtube and yet frequently I think “hmm, maybe I need more.”


I think the problem is that once you hear ‘better’ it’s hard to go back to ‘good enough’.

That said, bigger or more is not the same as better. :slight_smile:


I totally wasn’t gassing over a used Ampeg 410 cab yesterday at the local store. Didn’t help that the price is quite nice… :upside_down_face:


It was impossible to get the new 1x12 cab from Thomann. It was always sold out or 3-6 months waiting time. I was lucky that I got my GK Fusion amp in time. Zero alternatives for EU sadly…


You know you want it…why wait?


I don’t have a head so it would require another purchase. My Rumble 40 doesn’t have an ext. speaker out so that’s not an option.

Heads can be found really cheap on the used market. I got the Eden WTX264 and the Ashdown 4x10 cab for only $400.00. Both used but in mint condition. Deals are to be had if you are patient and wait on the right one. One of the cheaper but still good heads are the different Peavey heads on the used market.

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Here is a good one at Sweetwater used with free shipping…

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Right, but it does seem that 15" drivers have the best frequency response.

Not really, unless you like a slightly muffled, dark sound. Most that I have heard lose definition/clarity in the high mids and highs; I really prefer 12" or 10".

It’s clearly visible in the frequency graphs too:

15" Eminence:

10" eminence:

Remember, these are logarithmic. The 10" has solid response for more than 1KHz higher than the 15", and is still above 90dB at 5kHz, while the 15" has dropped another 15dB by there.

They both start their low end rolloff at about the same place.

I greatly prefer 10".

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Dick Dale sounded anything but dark and muffled when I saw him.
There are so many drivers out there, that if you can’t choose one from the spec sheet, you could always call Webber Speaker and have them select one for you.

Wow blast from the past! Totally forgot about him.

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One of the best shows I’ve ever seen! :heart_eyes:

Look what arrived in time for the weekend! :smiling_imp:

I’ll post pics in the Amp thread once I get the full rig together.


Exciting! :astonished:


That’s a big box.


My wife did notice that. :joy:


Pics up in the Amp thread.


You didnt just listen to me and do that, if she asks

And how do you like it? Gratz btw you picked lifetime boombox.


GAS Level +5 :smiling_face_with_tear: