Caveman Audio builds high end professional gear in Egtved, Denmark.
I was curious if anyone around here has tried any of their gear.

BP1 Bass Preamp

BP1 Compact Bass Preamp

I had also been reading about a dual compressor pedal with the ability to switch between two different compression settings. It looked really cool but I can’t find it now. If anyone comes across it, add a link here.


So, not a parallel compressor (as opposed to serial compression) where the signal is split and one is compressed and then blended with the dry signal again!?!

But, yes, great sounding units (unfortunately, not from first-hand experience), but also with an accompanying price tag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What I really like is the FX loop. The simple/vintage design on top is a bonus.

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It did mention parallel compression but it also had two foot switches for two different compression settings.

I don’t remember much more than that. I expected to go back to it. Now, it’s as if it never existed and it was all just a dream.

Gregor did an episode on the preamp. I looked at the price and immediately shut off the program. I don’t want to know.


I guess if you really want a Neve :rofl:

Of course you could also spend not much more than that and get a Neve clone (with more versatility). I just saw one for $50 more.

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I just found the information about their new compressor. It’s so new it isn’t on their website yet. It was in an email they sent out.

Here’s the text from the email about the BC1 Bass Compressor…

"Let’s zoom in on the Attack parameter on our upcoming BC1 Bass Compressor for a minute. It actually has an VERY long attack time if you turn the knob all the way. But why?

Because we know that (some) bass players (in some scenarios) don’t like to have the attack of their sound compressed right away. With the very wide range, you can apply a quite aggressive amount of compression, but without sacrificing the initial attack of your tone.

In fact, we’d say that you don’t even need a Parallel Compression option, but just in case… We added it anyway.

We think you and your bass deserved the best from both worlds!"

Still nothing on the website and the link in the email was a dead facebook link.

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Well, this all sounds like really pro gear, a bit on the esoteric side perhaps :smile:

I mean, I still struggle to really understand compression or even hear sometimes what is going on, so this is certainly way above my head. To me, most compression still sounds like a booster really…


That’s what compression does; makes the body of the signal louder while reducing the dynamic range of the peaks.


The BC1 Bass Compressor from Caveman Audio has finally dropped. I’m interested to hear what y’all think.

EU 599 They start shipping in September.


I ordered the BP1 Preamp today from the Caveman USA distributor. I’m sticking with the Cali 76 compressor, but @eric.kiser he is getting the BC1 compressor today. Of course he can’t sell one until September, but anyone in the New Hampshire area can test it (along with the 75+ basses he has).


Daaaaaang! I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

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OMFG… this John Fox dude is no more than 30 minutes drive from me…


Get down there. He’s appointment only. He sent me this photo and said that he has over 70 basses and over 70 guitars in stock. Makes me a little envious, like when I see the guys that have access to all the Japanese stores. My dream. Surprisingly, I haven’t found that store in Southern California.


You know, @booker_t , you could use two compressors. The Cali 76 at the beginning of your chain to click on when you play slap and the BC1 at the end of the chain as an always on compressor. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Looking at the video again, and “sort of” get it. I’ll give you a call and have you “fourth grade” it for me.


Oh man! I definitely can’t be allowed in a place like that. I’d sell my spleen and a kidney, lol.


I stand corrected. I forgot about @Al1885 's shed.


@booker_t so you get the big one not the compact right. Are you running that throughout your sweet amp setup? Man you have great taste.

I know for the fact that I won’t be able to tell the difference between the regular and the compact one. I was the Genzler Magellan but I already 2 of the 350 heads and they are the same I might go for the compact purely for the smaller footprint and I didn’t see the BP 1on John Fox’s website.

What do you think. How do you like yours so far?


No, I got the BP1 compact, even though it’s still a big pedal. I usually have little patience, but I haven’t tried it. I have one more pedal that I’m waiting on (Proton envelope) and then @Reasonably_Happy (Jesse) is helping me put the board together.