COVID and loss of memory / concentration

COVID-19 has effected me in a way I never imagined. Memory loss. It’s great that my fingers remember and are still strong on bass. It’s the mental aspect that’s been affected. Has anyone else experienced this?


Yes, after a particularly bad case last year, I have lost a lot of my ability to focus. I used to be borderline OCD about playing bass. Now, not so much. I cannot keep my mind in the game, so to speak. It wanders all over. I think it has slowed my development as a competent bass player.


When did you get infected? I caught covid in october last year and have experienced the same. I feel you and I just wanna say, yeah, this virus a bloody mess, but there’s a good chance you’re gonna get better. It just takes a lot of time. My brain function actually came back (very slowly) to normal/its pre-covid function. Practicing bass has helped me a lot. I had a brain infection due to covid and covid also left me with some nerve damage. The brain and the central nervous system is capable of relearning a lot. But it takes a lot of time. Keep practicing, keep challenging your brain - it’s gonna get better, I’m sure.


Really sorry to hear this for all of you. What a ridiculously bad disease.


I feel for you guys. I had no idea COVID could affect people in this way. Wishing you all a full recovery in time.


I personally have known a lot of people who have had it. It’s very random. I’ve seen it kill, and others hospitalized. Some recover fully, others not so much. And still others, they get it with no lasting impact at all…

The only reliable metric seems to be the health of the affected individual. The better shape you are in, the better off you’ll be if you get it.

Having said all that, I just found out before Christmas that a very good friend who is a highly skilled musician (professional) got COVID before Christmas. I’ll ask him how his fingers and his concentration are doing.


Thank you all. I’m so grateful for what you have shared and feel reassured. Just what I needed.


I very often try to figure out why things happen to me, @radarbips and I’m sure that I’m not the only one here who does that. So you’re not alone!

A little reassurance can indeed go a long way . . . :wink:

Good luck to you, and hope you fully regain all your cognitive abilities very soon.



Did COVID cause me memory loss…hum, can’t say for sure, I don’t remember! :upside_down_face:


Yes. I was listening to some doctors talk about what they’ve been seeing and they were reporting patients having COVID damage to gray matter.

I’m still getting over COVID right now and I had to admit my mom to the ER yesterday. She has COVID caused pneumonia.

I have a lot of medical people in my family and I’ve never heard of anything like what was happening in the ER. The hospital was so overwhelmed. Every bed full, ER full, waiting room full. At one point they announced the wait would be at least 8 hours.

My mom got pushed up the list because her blood oxygen dropped to 87%. They gave her oxygen and it still took over 7 hours for her to make it from the waiting room to an ER bed and another 4 hours to be admitted to a hospital room.

This wasn’t just there, it’s happening at all Atlanta area hospitals. My niece is a flight nurse and my brother was in the middle of making arrangements to have my mom put on a medical flight to Raleigh, NC but their hospitals were so close to hitting maximum capacity there was no way to arrange it all in time and be sure there would be any beds open there either.

There is more to the story but too much for a forum post. I ended up talking to my niece to get her father (my brother) to settle down and back off the whole medical transfer flight. However, I was still pretty impressed he was able to pull all that together.

Regardless of the staff being overwhelmed they were very professional, communicating well, and still getting all manner of tests, chest x-rays, CT scans, and more done for all the people in the waiting room.

Fortunately, she is now on the COVID floor with everything being done that can be done and seems to be improving.


@eric.kiser, wishing your mom a full recovery!


Thanks @RuknRole .

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Feel for you, I have frequent brain farts and concentration issues. Mine is from a brain tumor a few years ago though. Can’t sit and watch a movie without picking up my phone or iPad and playing a game during the movie. Little trouble learning new songs, I can only try playing thru it once or maybe twice then I need to move on to a different song. Makes it tough to nail down the song.


Wishing all of you and your loved ones effected a hopefully speedy recovery.


@radarbips I finally got a chance to talk to my friends who are professional musicians who were diagnosed with Omicron virus. My buddy, who’s a very accomplished accordionist told me that he hasn’t picked up the instrument since they were infected-- but his wife did tell me that she impacted in that she experienced confusion while she had it.

Since then, I got infected myself last week. I was practicing my bass when it was first setting in, and it wasn’t a very good practice. At the time, I just chalked it up to being tired (I didn’t know what was happening yet). Was is covid? Was it just being tired fighting it.

Again, I from what I can tell, it just depends on who you are and how well you take care of yourself. My wife, does not respect the virus or any other virus for that matter has not been affected. Once I got it, my son quickly picked it up in less than 36 hours after he flew in for a visit.

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It’s a conversation we need have and I am impressed by everyone here. My situation is improving and now I’m catching up with my practice and theory, it’s almost like it’s new to me. When I had it in the bag before COVID-19.


How is your mom doing Eric?
I had a lot of family get it on Christmas. We cancelled our big family Christmas because my cousin who hosts the party and her family were exposed on Christmas morning. They all got it.
My daughters were with their mom in the day time, and went to her brothers house. They are anti vexers, and his wife was sick. My x-wife and two daughters got it.

I don’t know if I got it or not. every time I have tested it has been negative, but the last time I tested was on Christmas Day, and it was negative. However, I have been exposed to another cousin who was getting over covid, but still may have been contagious.
I have had both shots and the booster, and I have not felt anything bad. The only thing is I can not taste hot food anymore. I can eat Siracha like ketchup, and everything that used to at least give me a little zing, there is nothing. I can taste it just like before, so my taste buds are not gone, but I just can eat pretty hot food, things I would at least notice before, and I get nothing. I have not tried a ghost pepper yet, and I think I will pass just in case they start working again.
I have heard of people losing smell or taste, but not people who have become immune to spicy food.


My wife has been dealing with the Covid brain fog this last week. It is really scary for her, her grandmother had Alzheimers for years, so she is afraid that her brain won’t recover. I hope everyone here has a full recovery.


Everyone around me including family that is tripled vaccinated is getting it. The thing is most their symptoms are very light.

I lost my taste for about a week. All I could taste was salt. Everything tasted like salt!


Yeah, Omicron has different proteins and isn’t fully immunized against by the current vaccines. Apparently they do make a big difference in severity though.