Does anyone play rock bass anymore?

I’ve seen a version of this topic come up before in older threads but not much recently.

I picked up the bass after a long time away from playing an instrument (tried to be a guitarist before).

At 42, I have a connection to a lot of the great rock bands of the 80s and onward and many of the bands that influenced those bands are fresh in my mind.

When I look at rock bassists today there don’t seem to be very many at all. QOTSA, IDLES, Kings of Leon are a few.

The majority of bands/groups now play more of a funk/soul type of bass. Jamerson-esque if you will.

This isn’t a criticism mind you. Khruangbin is easily one of my favourite bands. Black Pumas, Rugged Nuggets, Men I Trust, and Parcels get regular rotation on my playlists.

TLDR: Is there any point to want to be a rock bassist anymore?

Of course, if that’s what moves you to pursue playing. There are tons of other rock bands that weren’t mentioned in your list. It just takes searching to find them. But they’re out there.


Rock isn’t dead, it’s just kind of sleepy right now. It’ll swing back the other way eventually.


I am actually kind of curious in to what you feel makes the distinction between a rock bassist and any other.

Classic rock isn’t my jam but looking back at it there are a lot of bass similarities there with both R&B and punk, and of course metal - all of which are very much alive.


And blues, you can’t forget the impact that blues has had on rock.


Who are you asking the question ? if you want to play rock, then play rock. No issue really.

I myself play from country to extreme metal, which includes rock obvisously, and I’m quite fine with that :grin:


I know, right, I just ordered the new Judas Priest album! It came out 2 days ago!


i literally began playing bass a couple of months ago because i wanted to be in a rock/metal band, and i’m one of the younger folks round here. yeah, it ain’t dead.


Rock isn’t dead, it’s just not the same as it was in the 80’s…do we really want to go back to this?

Nowadays you just gotta dig a little deeper to find the great tunes because you probably aren’t gonna hear it on the radio. A relatively new artist that I really enjoy is Ayron Jones. He’s a local Seattle guy and has some awesome tunes


Blues was the precursor to jazz, then rock ‘n’ roll, the American music art forms. All else non-square (and some square) music literally sprang from that.

If you want to know the basis of American music, the blues is it.


Rock Rocks!
I am 52 and all I want to play is all those 80s classics.

Love it!

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the whole “rock” thing is actually having a little bit of a moment again right now. the most obvious example is how huge olivia rodgrigo has become (yes she’s pop, but obviously has rock influences). i have personally been listening to these guys a lot lately (and also posting this a lot, sorry). my new favorite musician on earth is their drummer pau, she’s just so much fun to watch.


They are so grounded in 80s rock it’s refreshing.

Angus Young once said they played rock and roll. Sometimes it’s in fashion, sometimes not, but they will play it anyway.

Rob sounds fantastic on it. 72, and he is back to hitting the high notes. The Metal God indeed. And Ian Hill keeps going as the sole original member. Love the new album


Oh, yes.
There is always a reason to be a rock bassist.

Funky grooves make you feel good in one way…
But smashing the loudest bass riff you can while the drummer smashes the drums as hard as they can makes you feel good in a very different way.
…kinda… a better way. Maybe… maybe the best way.

Lots of great rock bands happening out there.
PUP, The Dirty Nil, Amyl and The Sniffers, QOTSA and the Foos are still going - it’s not the current most-popular wave of music, but there are loads of great bands and young bands who are still dedicated to the noise and power of the rockage.

We have a great all ages club in town that has local shows every weekend.
Tons of kids playing loud rock in small town USA out here!


Rock is alive and well and thriving outside our borders. There is a huge rock/metal movement going on in other countries driven largely by female bands. It’s doing just fine.


Well… actually it’s not mostly female, but the all-female bands do get a lot of play on youtube. I would say it’s unfortunately still male dominated here but the ladies really kick more ass and stand out kind of because they have to. At least for Japan.

But yeah, rock? Alive and well.

Gotta love a stage POV cam :slight_smile:

Sure, Envy is more post-metal - but they absolutely rock.


Will need to check these guys out!

Thank you!!


If you like punkier or heavier stuff (and I do mean heavier) then check out every band on Deathwish records.

Good example:

I love a band that names themselves after a Pixies song :slight_smile:


yeah Gouge Away is a good one :smiley:

(at the time I’ve done a cover of Wilt, the last song of those 3)

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