.Dont like the look of your bass?

One of my friends just recieved his guitar back from these guys, and it looks great.
May be a cheaper solution if you like your bass, but not the look of it.
Im sending 2 out myself to have done in the Tiger series.


Pretty neat. Are these vinyl wraps for guitars?

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Just for jollies, I had looked at a couple of sites with these vinyl “skins” last year. The Inzane Skins may have been one. Another is Skin Your Skunk, which has some interesting designs also. The latter will do a skin for left hand guitars/basses if you send an email after ordering that you want the image flipped horizontally. I see that the Inzane Skins will also accommodate for lefty models, so they get my “Lefty Seal of Approval,” as far as that goes. :wink: :+1:

There’s also a thread on doing a similar effect with custom vinyl prints.

I came to the conclusion that I’d probably just mod a bass with the pickguard, knobs, and perhaps some stickers for the fretboard (Neck Illusions, for one). But I’m not too sure about that last item.

Edited to add: for Skin Your Skunk, you receive the vinyl skin and apply it yourself. It seems to be the same for Inzane Skins, but I don’t know if they have a service where you send your guitar in, as @Whylee mentioned for his friend. Maybe for some type of custom work?


Yeah I remember seeing that thread, but didn’t pay any attention to it since my Sara makes whatever vinyl overlays I want for my basses.


Yes, they are wraps for guitars. My friend had his wrapped then clear coated. I wasnt sold on it until he got it back.
Looks great. He clear coated it because he performs on stage with it, but you dont have to.


Inzane does offer a install service also along with custom designs and sizes.


LMAO I am not “relicing” an instrument with a vinyl wrap. Imagine the shame and mocking that would ensue :eyes:

This is, however, a cool find :slight_smile:

I recently refinished a bass and it took a long time :joy: (but I love it)

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Yeah I went to that site, and thought how cool a blue skull would look on my Stream, and then you add up the cost for them to do it, cause I would mess it up, I would get a crease in it, know this from working on Jeeps. Not cheap.

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I’ll be curious to see how your guitars turn out. Please post pictures when you get them back.

Do you have pics of your friend’s guitar?

Don’t forget the bubbles… :bubbles:

Here are a couple of his guitar. Not my style but it fits in with his bands Alice Cooper tribute.

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are these applicable on full lacquer bass? Can you apply it easily yourself?
And if you decide to get it off does it leave any residual?

From the FAQ at Inzane Skins:

Q. If I want to remove the skin later on, will that wreck the finish underneath it?

A. Guitars that are finished with a 2-stage urethane or polyester will NOT be affected. In fact, the skin would probably not even leave a residue. Guitars that are finished in Lacquer or Acrylic Lacquer, YES - the skin will affect the finish. The adhesive reacts to the lacquer. So, if you’re considering putting a skin on a guitar, as long as the guitar is not finished in lacquer, you’ll be fine.

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Oh shoot. I didn’t read the FAQ properly.
Bummer then!
Thank you for looking up for me

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