Downloading scores from 50 first song pack

One of the songs that I need to learn for the new band is in the first 50 songs. I can listen to the song on the site and see the score, but I can’t for the life of me figure out a way to download those scores to my computer. Is there even a way? Does anyone know how? @JoshFossgreen?

Could you take screenshots, and use software to paste them together (such as Photoshop Elements, which came with some scanners in the past)? You can use the magnifying glass on the page, to adjust the size to help.

When I ordered the B2B course on DVDs a year ago, there was a delay in shipping my order. I was offered the option to have the 50 Songs in softcover book form, so I took it: “First 50 Songs You Should Play On Bass”

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Yeah I could do all that, but that’s kind of a janky way to do it. It seems like there should be a way to download the score and save it as a PDF. I hope there is anyway.
I have that soft cover book too, but I tossed it onto a shelf in my office closet. It’s useless to me because it’s all in tab, and I don’t play tab.

True. I though you could use something like the browser add-on “Print Friendly” to get it, but just tried it and that doesn’t work.

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@PamPurrs they are housed over in the discord server, but I have them all downloaded, what do you need, I will zip it to you.

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Some Kind of Wonderful, no?

Just sent it to you

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Thanks for pointing that out, @John_E . I’ve found the links and downloaded them, too.

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So… I have go to that chat room to get them?

you can, or you can just ask me, i have downloaded them all
we didn’t want them housed here for copyright monkey business etc


They’re not hosted on the discord server. they’re hosted on a google drive - the information for that drive is listed on the discord. As you found out, noteflight has restricted the downloading of the transcriptions…

Now, the PDFs were created by taking screenshots and putting them together, so you may find them “janky”… :rofl:



If you could send me the link to get the first 50 songs pdf … thanks !


I use Windows Snip
I set the sheet music to fill the screen, then highlight and save.

Please see the above post and follow the link to the discord thread.
Once in (you may need to set up an account, click on the pin icon on the top right of the screen, there will be a link. Why so secretive? copyright issues…

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