Drum Machine

So, just for $h!¥§ and giggles, I typed Drum Machine in the search bar in Let Go. Not much popped up except very expensive Roland units, some ok priced, but older Boss machines, and one of the DAW”s, Aberton (sp?), proprietary drum / midi units.

So Same search in Offer up, and Alesis SR-16’s galore. I love this unit without ever even seeing or hearing one. Anything with a model # of SR has got to be good, heck, Ibanez SR’s, awesome.

Anyway, bottom line, what’s a good price for a used one?

They are listed now where from $110 down to , one or two at $60.

Most have been listed up to 2 years ago. So anybody still has one is gonna be willing to give it up cheap.

I got a reply from one guy, listed it 7 months ago for $100, and at some point he dropped it to the current asking price of $80.

I asked if available, he answered, yes are you interested. I answered in an honest way, but one that sets me up for a deal.
I said, “ I been thinking about getting one, if I find the right deal.
He replied, what’s your offer.
BINGO. Right where I want him.

So, I need help, @PamPurrs, @howard, @Lanny, @eric.kiser, anybody, I need to know what to offer.nt bother going
I know they retail around $140, as low as $134, and up to $149.99 from what I’ve seen.
But what is the range for used, lightly used.

I really didn’t think I would get one yet, and f I don’t get it, no big deal, it will prob still be there if I want it in hefuture, or he texts me in a month, and accepts my ultras lowball Offer.

I was thinking of offering $30, and possibly buying it for, mm$40. Otherwise leave it.

But I hope you guys can tell me, don’t go so low, it’s worth more, or if he counters with $60: grab it, that’s the best deal ever. Or say, wait til you find one for $40.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to give me the help I need.


They’ve been made for 30 years so their prices are all over the map. Depends on how old it is but $60 would be a fine deal for a recent one for sure. $80 wouldn’t be out of line.

For one from 1995? less :slight_smile:


Thanks, how do you tell?

Does this help at all @howard, the back panel

Or the top.

It has the plastic on the screen, but that doesn’t say anything really.

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Nah they all look identical, no way to tell that I know of, unless there’s some kind of internet serial number lookup.


Now you’re all getting me tempted! I’ve been getting tired of the drum patterns in my Zoom pedal. And I’m not fond of metronomes at all either, drum tracks are the only way to go for me. Pretty sweet addition to your growing “family” of gear @PamPurrs !


That in no help @howard, step it up.

Jk, ty as always.


Back in January they were selling used for $80+ everywhere I looked.



I hear you- I use online tracks such as JimDooley.net for practicing and composing. He has a ton of genres and tempos. For me, the main advantage a drum machine would offer would be for live performances where you had no drummer. My guess is that it might be more convenient and easier to trigger and control in a live setting where you needed a standalone unit that you could rely on, rather than trying to playback individual files from a laptop or iPad, etc.

I’ve played with an Alesis connected up to an amp and speakers and it sounded amazing. (since you can also swap out various drum kits so the possible sounds are really varied)


It’s funny because I always used ours (back then, a TR-505) as a ROMpler and controlled it via MIDI from a computer where I had sequenced all the drums while live too :slight_smile:

But you’re right, some people for some reason (usually because they have no computer on stage) also have the drum machine be the time control and send MIDI time signals to control the tempo of onboard sequencers on synths. I find that a lot less flexible though.

I like having a standalone drum machine for jamming or spontaneous playing that is not live - they are just tactile and very easy to get a good beat going in that situation. Plus they are just super fun to play with.



I’ve been having so many issues with the SR-16, and absolutely NO support from Alexis, I’m returning it to Amazon. This 1990 technology just doesn’t cut it for me. They haven’t updated this product in 30 years.
My first clue should have been the input for a tape player :roll_eyes:
I spent the extra money and ordered the more modern and feature rich SR-18.


might search for a drummer. looks like some kind of drum machine I won’t have to program :sweat_smile:


Thanks so much for posting this follow up. I was pretty close to buying one used ( with no return option) for about $50. So, I will change my search to The SR16, or the Zoom that @howard has, that way at least I can lean on him for support :wink:

There are some Boss ones for good price too. Anyone with opinions on Boss drum machines?

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Boss or Roland? Boss has historically made some classic drum machines but I am not familiar with their recent ones.

Roland drum machines are iconic. Behringer has also cloned the best ones.

If you are looking for modern electronic-sounding drum machines on a budget, the Korg Volca line is interesting.

There’s a whole lot of very interesting drum machines up at the next price tier - Korg Electribe series, etc. The Electribe Sampler looks super cool to me.

But for realistic sounding rock drums something like the Alesis are a pretty good low cost starting point (and is why they are often recommended.)

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend my drum machine to others. I bought it because it does what I want but there’s a lot of better options for most people. That said, it’s inexpensive and sounds great - but remember you’re getting a 20 year old drum machine with it.


And of course another option, if you’re using a decent DAW, is simply using virtual drums in the DAW.


That’s interesting, what features were you missing on the SR-16 that exist on the SR-18?

Forewarning, most drum machines suck to program on the drum machine itself, in my experience. It’s why I go through the process to allow sequencing them externally via MIDI.


Aside from the fact that the 18 comes with twice as many built in effects as the 16…
The main thing I found just from reading the users guide is the drum buttons on the 18 (snare, kick, high hat, etc.) each have three different options, whereas on the 16 it only does one thing. The 18 has the ability to create things like rolls, where the 16 doesn’t.
The recording option appears to be much more straightforward also, whereas it was quite clunky in the 16.
The 18 can run on the AC adapter or batteries if need be, whereas the 16 requires electricity at all times. Also, the screen on the 18 is backlit. The screen on the 16 is very dark and hard to read, especially in low lighting conditions.
I haven’t any first hand experience yet, and am only going but what I’ve read in the users guide and seen on YouTube videos. I’ll know more when I pick it up later today.


I was looking at that. A guy asking about my Jaguar for sale has a Volca Voice. Advertised as a drum machine. I had considered offering a partial trade, but it appears that it is more for EDM the. Actual drums. It might have limited Drum function, but I think there may be a Volca Drum more along the lines of what I would be looking for. I think there are at least 3, based on my limited research. Volca voice, keyboard, and drums. So I opted against offering.

This may be the route I go, I just need to learn GB, which shouldn’t be too hard with some simple instruction, or manuals, maybe a “for dummies” book?
I rather focus my money on pedals.

Btw, the GAS gods opened the Hevans once again.
I inquired about the Nether pedal, and a NIB one posted for $30. Gonna get it today, hopefully for $20 or $25, but $30 is good for a $58 pedal ($62 after tax.


Using the DAW for drum tracks is an excellent idea as long as you don’t mind being dependent on your computer. I chose to go the drum machine route because I wish to be independent of my laptop when practicing / jamming /etc;


Since I only have an IPad it is as portable as a drum machine, if not more so, with the same Aux connection I would use from a drum machine, so it’s prob the best option “for me”. Plus I don’t need to divert monies from my “Bass / Pedal” fund to get one.:crazy_face::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::wink:

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