Favorite Bowie song?


I’ve been on a steady diet of three Bowie records or so a day lately. It’s out of control! What an amazing career, making good music from the 60’s into the 2010’s (what do you call this decade, lol?).

Lately I can’t get enough of Blackstar. Tim Lefevbre’s bass playing on the whole record is freaking amazing, this tune has some tasty effects towards the end (Boss OC-2 sub octave, I think with some Way Huge Pork Loin):

I don’t know if I could actually pick an all time favorite Bowie bass line, but I also fell in a new level of love with the China Girl bass line this year:

For some reason I can just imagine Jack Black singing part of that line as a really good “root-en-doot-en-doot” kind of thing. The part that goes

So good. :slight_smile:

Who else has Bowie favorites?


Wow, I’ve also been enjoying Bowie of late, . . . I’m a couple chapters from completing a biography on him, “A Life” by Dylan Jones. Different style of writing via continuous, interview snippets, but I’ve really come to appreciate his evolution of life’s work from it. I also recently rewatched Live Aid 85’ which includes Bowie performing.

As far as favorite bass lines, I’m going to step away (if permitted) from the true volume of Bowie work, as I’ve also recently watched the Bohemian Rhapsody movie on Freddie Mercury, and read a recent article on John Deacon in Bass Player magazine, . . . tieing Bowie, Queen, and the John Deacon era together, I’m going to make tribute to DB, FM, and JD with a link to “Under Pressure”:

Hope all enjoy, . . . Happy Thanksgiving to all


Hereos… when I hear that opening line, I get shivers. so many memories come flooding back from being a kid in the late 70’s and hearing that song on the radio late at night.


I love him!!
I restarted playing bass learning some of his songs, especially from Ziggy Stardust.
I would suggest them to any bass beginer - lines are pretty simple - then the quality of the execution is something other…
Everything he did is just special!!
Miss his art a lot…


I‘m just learning about his old stuff. I Love it.


Ooh haven’t heard that! That bass line makes me think of Good Vibrations for some reason… the tone, plus sounds kinda like that vocal melody or something.