Fender Control Plates

I’m toying with the idea of modding my Squier CV Jaguar and could use some advice on the interchangeability of Fender control plates.

The CV Jaguar has stacked VT-VT pots on a three hole control plate.

The mod I’m contemplating would mean a change to a more normal VVT control arrangement.

So two questions.
Is the Jag control plate the same as a Jazz control plate?
Is a 4 hole Jazz control plate the same footprint as a 3 hole Jazz control plate?

If a four hole Jazz plate will drop in here, it would make the whole mod a lot simpler. :smiley:


You have to measure and check.
Much more standardized with fender vs Squier but best to take measurements and go shopping.


Unfortunately I’ll have to order online, otherwise I’d just remove the current plate and bring it to the shop. :roll_eyes:


A lot of the online places have the dimensions.
The top edge profile matters most, screw positions for clean install.
Check over at talkbass, someone might know this one already.


I actually have a similar question…with the J-bass I’m building, it comes with a chrome control plate. Does it need to be metal for grounding purposes? I have a green pearl plastic one like the pickguard coming but was wondering about metal vs. Plastic


The answer is, yes and no. Jaguars do not have one size control plate.

My Jag H looks to have a plate the same as a Telecaster

Squier H

My Player Jaguar (right) looks identical to my Player Jazz (left)

Measure if you can but I bet they used stock parts for a bass with limited numbers


No it does not need be metal for grounding


Thanks, they definitely look the same and the length of 152mm seems to be consistent so at this stage I think it’s worth taking a calculated risk.

I can’t see any grounding to the plate but it might be worth copper taping a plastic plate for shielding purposes?


Well after all that, there’s been a change of plan.
The Jaguar has gone to my nephew.

So now, instead of upgrading the Squier I need to replace it completely. :smiling_imp:

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Bummer, that sounds like a horrible problem. No fun at all.

So, what ya thinking about???
Inquiring minds want to know.

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Exactly, @HowlinDawg . The two little demons, one on either shoulder, aren’t sure what to egg you on about. Most frustrating.

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I know, right?
A horrible situation to be in. :joy:

I’ll should start a separate thread but basically it will be a long scale PJ for an old school heavy rock sound.

Top two on the list so far are

Fender Duff McKagan DLX P Bass

Aerodyne with EMG Geezer Butler pickups

But there are other options under consideration.

I can hear them already…

Demon1 whispers “Aerodyne”

Demon2 says “but it needs an orange pickguard”

Then an angel floats past humming… “You’ll need flatwound strings on that”


THat sounds like thee Devil to me :wink:


Beat me to it :slight_smile:

Might also consider the Boxer. It has a treble/bass boost on the tone control (when you go above 5)

They are cute for sure. Like a P body with a J neck, and rear electronics compartment like proper basses should have :rofl:

Yeah, they are cute, I like the colors with the black headstock.
The body is a little “squatting” for my taste, and I prefer the look with a pick guard, but otherwise, they look like fine basses.

I opened a new topic here