Flat wound vs round wound strings

Well, @John_E gear-forwarded me some Thomastic Jazz Flats. They’re light (45-90 AFAIR). I haven’t yet put them on their destination bass, because I haven’t built it yet, but I did put them on my P-clone and Peavey just for shits 'n giggles, and they sounded wonderful. Quite trebly, but not zingy like rounds. I do like playing flats… (my P-clone has GHS Precision Flats on it). However, the uncoated SS Rotosound rounds on the Peavey are amazing.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I do like the no finger noise trait of the strings. In general I like gassy strings that burbs and farts. Lol


Thats the whole point of a jazz bass and a Jaco vibe: the burpy/farty twang from the bridge single-coil jazz pup.

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I’m really enjoying the La Bella 760FM flats I put on my P-bass. They’re still fairly new, so have some of the brightness I like about roundwounds without the string squeak.
Turns out you can slap on them if you smack it hard enough, which, apparently, I do :sunglasses:
The luthier who set up my bass was (again) amazed/appalled at how high I like my action.


I’ve actually been thinking about taking them off and trying the regular flats on the 61 P to see how they sound. I’ve only had the M’s on since I got it. They are great but I feel like they put the bass in one very specifc genere of tone.

Whatever works for you is what’s good for you. I’ve been moving my action down of late across basses and like it much better, but would not have said that a year ago.

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I would consider mine on the high side of medium.
When I got my Collings guitar it was set up with what they called “real world” action, not as low as it could go. I like that idea.
If any of us is lucky enough to play a gig these days, even your neighborhood block party goes the same way. You do sound check. The guitar is at reasonable levels, the drummer is playing at neighborhood volumes. Bass is sounding good.
Then the evening progresses. Drinks flow, conversations get louder, the guitar player turns up a little, the drummer starts hitting a little harder. I like to be able to dig in without rattling too much.
I play a little hard anyway. Not Geddy Lee hard, but we’re in the same ballpark.
Back to the topic at hand, the higher tension of the La Bella flats is great for the way I play. I’m enjoying them. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel about the sound once they start losing brightness.