Flea Teaches His Stupidly Simple Slap Drill (For Insane Speed)

Build your slap bass speed, endurance, and accuracy with Flea’s slap speed drill, + learn how to make your own slap lines RED HOT.

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If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, this lesson would fit after we start slapping in Module 13.

Red Hot Slap Recipes

Here are three stupidly simple recipes to make your own bass lines or bass solos using this drill:

Recipe 1 - STATIC BASS

  • Leave all your slaps on the open E string (that’s your static bass)
  • Move your pops around a scale of your choice (E minor pentatonic never hurt anybody ​​😉)
  • Play the drill, same rhythm, but randomly pick scale notes for your pops, leaving all the slaps on the open E string



  • Pick a scale again
  • Copy the rhythm/pattern from the drill
  • Move your slaps around the scale
  • Use the octave of whatever note you slapped for your pops


Recipe 3 - BE THE FLEA

Here’s a quick guide on how to use similar drills to develop your own style of playing:

  • Come up with your own combination of slaps and pops that lasts one or two bars and sounds cool to you
  • Move it around the fretboard, using a scale or any pattern you like the sound of
  • Moving around in octaves like in Recipe 2 is an easy way to get started
  • Drill up your speed until you sound very impressive and the groupies start melting


Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Am I the only one slightly disoriented by Flea actually wearing a shirt?


I got the notification from YouTube so I had already watched it. I’m neither a fan of Flea nor interested in slapping, but nonetheless it’s an interesting video. Thanks @JoshFossgreen


Thanks for the video! Great as usual!
Slapety slap slap skapety slap!

Oh yea and sueweet stingray!


Your “click to follow and subscribe” game is getting much stronger. :smiley:


Exactly this :point_up:


Mr. @JoshFossgreen ,

While it is highly surprising that there is an extended amount of video of Mr. Balzary properly wearing a shirt (with a collar, no less!), I am still quite concerned about the number of…(whispers) nipples visible in your new video.

Partial nudity has been an intrinsic element in the RHCP’s performances for decades. Thanks to the First Amendment within the Bill of Rights, this choice is entirely up to the band. They are free to act as cheap as they desire. However, I do implore you to consider how their…nipples reflect on your video work. There are at least two times where we see Mr. Balzary shirtless, and at least one time where a glimpse of Mr. Kiedis’ bare chest is visible. Could you not have covered them with black bars?

It pains me to bring this into the discussion, but at least once I…I think…(flustered) the faintest outline of one of yournipples is visible through your shirt. A thousand apologies if you find yourself embarrassed by this notice. Embarrassment is not my intention, but I do hope that you will take this matter…seriously.

At any rate, I will return with a full accounting in my latest report.

Cordially Yours,
Ms. kristine lastnameredacted


I’ve been trying to up my slap game recently! Perfect timing.


Late to work today because this video made me pick up my bass :rofl:

Fun exercise Josh!


update: my heart and soul thank you for this video but my fingertips do not. ow.


Lol, you’re right! Video canceled. Will take down first thing tomorrow…




T-Shirt Check: RHCP because of course it is! :smiling_face:

OK, so here’s the deal. Outside of my previous post regarding…well, things, I really didn’t have anything I wanted to write about this video, for a very specific reason:

I kept picking up my bass, instead of my pen.

This video was different; it was more like a B2B lesson than the other videos this year, and it put me in a different mindset. Plus we had two teachers - Flea and @JoshFossgreen .

I was imaginary-drunk on RHCP again, both from the music, and from the idea that with proper explanation, music is accessible. We can do this.

I would like to point out two moments, though. The first, courtesy of Flea:

1:26 – “I use my middle finger, right here.” I think we all use our middle fingers sometimes, when we are trying to slap like you, Flea.

The second, courtesy of Josh:

4:47 – [Josh plays 280 BPM] [mind goes :exploding_head:] That’s…amazing. That you can do that. With your fingers.

Well done, Josh. I hope you imaginary-made it to wherever you had to be in five hours.
[I wish] Yeah - don’t we all.


I could be wrong but it almost appears that you have dedicated quite a bit of thinking and attention to certain gentlemanly body parts… Do you want to tell us something?


Lol ow my irony. Women and non-binary folk have nipples and fingers, too. So - nope! Nothing further to tell you.

There’s really only a couple of parts that some people would traditionally think of as, ahem, gentlemanly, and I didn’t mention either of those. What’s on your mind - is there something you want to tell us? :wink:


Of course you are referring to the hat, which a good gentleman tips lightly to the side as a way of greeting. The bowler hat and a matching black umbrella. Those are the only two parts of the attire which strike me as quintessentially gentlemanly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly right! :innocent: :grin:


I think I am ready for this now.

I’m no Kiyoshi, Flea, Les Claypool, Victor Woo-but… ya girl can slap now finally :smiley:

On a narrow 5-string :open_mouth: and pop and bounce and groove with it. I haven’t even been practicing it at all. Just… suddenly. I’m going and not messing up horribly. And I’m even doing muty slaps/pops all percussive-like, as if I’m also my own drummer while doing it.

If I focus on it I fall apart. But if I jus let myself fly…

It just got wild.


Added Flea Teaches His Stupidly Simple Slap Drill (For Insane Speed) to Module 13 in the BassBuzz YouTube Video Guide.