For those who have completed b2b

For those who have completed the course, I would love to see a video. I have looked on YouTube etc but not having any luck. As a drummer for close to 40 years I thought I would move to my right a few feet and start a bass journey. I’m super green and just started the course today from ground zero. I would love to see someone that was as green as I am who had completed the course and see what type of player they are now. I have a couple of bands that are looking for a bass player and want to know if i will be in the ballpark of being able to play in a few months. Lol


Well, I was also a drummer with very little experience with the guitar.

I’ve been playing for two months following B2B and this is what I can play today:

The lessons are very good and Josh is very charismatic. He also teaches music theory in a very easy, understandable way. I highly recommend. So far, B2B was the best money I’ve spent in my music education.


Check out this thread to see BassBuzzers videos.


Fantastic! Pick that by ear or tab etc? I’m impressed.


There’s a lesson that uses this tune, at least a good chunk of it. Rob worked out the rest. Great job, Rob!


By tab!

Like @MikeC said, B2B has a member area with 50 songs transcribed with high quality tabs. I used the tab from there (I didn’t see the lesson yet, @MikeC, but I will take a look!! Thanks for the heads-up!!)


Additional to the post your covers thread above, check out B2B’s 50 song challange here…
Lots of graduates and ‘along the way players’ playing lots of tunes


Hi @mattyxxl , definitely check out the Post Your Covers discussion.

The other day I posted a practice fragments video for a song I’m learning. I have never played bass before, or any instrument (apart from a few months of being crap at guitar a long time ago). The video is 41 days after I started learning bass, and I had finished B2B but doing it all over again so I can complete all the fast workouts where possible (I couldn’t do quite a few of them when I finished B2B).

Although I cringe at my technique watching the video, I would never have thought I could make this sort of progress in such short time. I absolutely feel B2B and Josh gave me the necessary foundations to be able to go ahead and try stuff that has some tricky bits.


Welcome @mattyxxl !


I’ve been playing over 2 years and it looks like your playing is already cleaner than mine :joy: Nice cover


Thank you, @renouf! I also had some previous experience with the guitar a couple of months ago (which I found out that I sucked at it IMMENSELY) so I think this helped me a little with the bass too.

Also, I see quite a few mistakes in my video that I need to improve such as: ringing notes, not using my pinky finger, timing is off sometimes, etc. I have such a long way to go still! :sweat_smile:

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You may have a long way to go but never lose sight of where you are and where you came from. You are doing just fantastic. Balance in perspective is important.