Forum Question Fears

I just put out a request, in a different thread, for clarification of the term indie that I have seen used many times on the forum threads and never could figure out what it referred to. By the way it is short form for the term independent, used primarily when referring to record labels.
I received the reply to my inquiry within 10 minutes.

I have wondered, for some time, how many forum users there are, especially beginners, that have basic Bass and Music related questions, like mine, but are afraid to ask because they feel their question is stupid and they would appear foolish.
I realize that what I am about to say will fall on deaf ears because of human nature but I felt this needed to be said.

I have always thought there was no such thing as a stupid question BUT there sure as hell can be a lot of stupid answers :slightly_smiling_face:

That is the sole purpose of this thread and hopefully it will inspire some to ask their question(s) no matter how trivial or stupid they may think it/they are because the reality of it is that it is not trivial to you and the question may go unanswered forever and if asked may clear up other questions you may have, and it may also help others that are questioning the same thing.

What is the worst that can happen by asking?
I am sure that any negative replies will be jumped on by a lot of the forum regulars, although I do not recall anybody belittling a forum user for requesting an answer to a question they may have. Possibly you may not receive any replies to your question, although this is rare.

I have over 60 years experience with music and I still have questions, and expect I always will. You never stop learning in the Music game as far as I am concerned.

I would also like to say that of the dozens of other forums I have been directly associated with the BassBuzz Forum is the friendliest by a long shot.

So ask your questions, no matter how small, but I would suggest two guidelines before you do:
1 - Use the search function before starting a thread, maybe your question has already been answered, and
2 - Post the question in the appropriate Forum Section, ie Lounge, Theory etc., this keeps the forum threads uncluttered

Note: When posting a reply on a thread it is always a good idea to read the complete thread before posting a reply just to avoid duplicating something that has already been said.


I think when I was younger and possibly when I first started using forums I did shy away from asking questions about really basic stuff for a fear of looking stupid.
Now I really don’t give a crap. I’ve realised in life no matter how much you think you know or how good you are some people will still go out of their way to make you feel stupid.
I am also a great believer in trying to learn something new every day no matter how small so yeah I have a bucket full of stupid questions.
I would love to be perfect but that ain’t gonna happen lol


Agreed 101%

I just let them know how I feel and then put them on ignore.
I just turned 71 and realized a long time ago that these people are just a waste of time and space :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too. Today I learned that a mixture of 5:1 Sugar and Boraxin solution is one of the best killers of ant colonies.

Isn’t that the truth :slightly_smiling_face:


Belated happy birthday.

I honestly thought reading your posts you were a lot younger than that!


The only stupid question, is the one that is not asked.

for sure, a good day is one in which something new is learned.

Not me, hell no.


There are two types of ants, and this knowledge comes from living in the bug infested state of South Carolins, where flour jars are made from metal because there are beetles that will bore through glass or ceramic.

Anyway, ants don’t clean themselves, so spraying is next to useless. So baiting them so they will take the poison back to the colony is best. And like I was saying there are two types of ants, the ones that like sugar (and your solution is perfect), and the ones that like protein. You have to figure out which kind is your pest, put out a bit of honey and peanut butter, see which dish they go to, and then you know what to bait with and what to mix your posion with.


I’ve found peanut butter fantastic for mice and rats too


Nope - Just one of the old farts but thank you for the compliment.

I played drums, cornet and Eflat horn in that order in a brass band from the ages of 7 to about 22, with my father and uncle. We made three records. I got married at 22 and moved out to the country where I took up acoustic and electric guitar plus ukulele and keyboards from age 22 to 70, I started the bass at the beginning of 2021. Bass is coming along nicely of but course with all the years playing 6 string guitar, and ukes, the Bass has been quite easy to pick up. Hey I thought last year the Bass has two less strings, like a uke, how difficult can it be. To me the Bass has a different approach in a band compared to the guitar and I find the Bass more relaxing to play.
Next is audio and video recording but that will not be for a while.

I have started several ukulele groups and free teaching sessions in my local area and played weekly in guitar and ukulele jam sessions and gigs until Covid hit. I never lost my interest and love in making and teaching music.

Oh yeh, and I got our local libraries to purchase some musical instruments to loan out the same way they do books. New ones not used amazingly enough. So far they have 6 string acoustic and electric guitars, several Squire Basses with 10 watt practice amps, a keyboard, several ukuleles, and violins to loan out.

I have been retired for 7 years and have less free time now than when I was working.


Holy crap those are some serious ants you have there.

The sugar seems to be the thing my ants like.
Just as well as I am not sure how you would combine peanut butter with the Borax.
Do you know if they prefer the smooth or crunch variety :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Ants in the US South, like the Carolinas, can be hardcore. Especially the fire ants.


We’ve got fire ants here in Australia. They’re so hardcore there’s a government department in Queensland employed to eradicate them!


You can always use google if you are afraid of being mocked and receive your answer in 1 sec: indie meaning - Google Search


Well spoken, @Celticstar . . . :slight_smile:

I agree with everything you’ve said . . . especially your two guidelines . . . :+1:

This is indeed one of the friendliest Forums I have ever been on, and it’s always a pleasure to be here.



Good advice @Celticstar. Fortunately, we is a very friendly lot in this forum, and I have never seen anyone ridiculed for asking a question. I know of may other forums, and in particular Facebook groups, who are not so friendly.


I’ve been a member here for only a couple of months and have probably already asked a few stupid questions. Maybe someone can move them to this thread for me. :wink:


Fire ants are no joke.


Not sure if moving them to this thread would be the right thing.
They should, however, be in the appropriate section of the forum, ie. Introduce yourself, Theory, Technique, Lounge etc. sections.
I think the original poster can do this but not sure if regular members can move a thread they did not start. Maybe someone else can give us some insight into this.

I have noticed that the Introduce Yourself section is one example where there are a lot of questions that should be posted to a different section of the forum as new threads.


Sorry, I meant it as a joke. All my stupid questions can stay right where they are. :blush:


True but then other Bass players on the forum, that may be wondering the same thing, would not be privy to the google answer.


Just out of curiosity, can you give us an example of what you would consider a stupid question?