Found this on Craigslist, are these any good?

I stumbled upon this 2001 Cort G Series (I believe a GB24, Made in Indonesia) for $165 and wanted to ask if anyone here has experience/opinions with Cort and particularly their low to mid range models which I assume this is one of?

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What is your budget?

I’m just looking for any thoughts on this bass in particular, my apologies I’ll make the title more clear.

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I believe Cort Indonesia make some very good instruments. As far as I know this is the same place they make Squier Indonesian Fenders and they are very good basses for the price (even though they have been getting a little pricey lately).

The G series in the picture seems like a decent model and I have seen them go as low as $90 USD but those are normally hobbyist that have given up. If its something you’d like to play around with (new electronics, new bridge, etc) it may be a fun new adventure.

The only things I could find negative about the G series is the finishing of the neck. It may need a little tweaking, fret end finishing and the rosewood may not be the smoothest. These incidents could be isolated but that’s why you have to go try it out. In your hands, does it feel good or is it a no go.

Some basic things to look out for with anything you buy:

Is the neck straight? Or can you see a bow or twist in it?

Look into the truss rod hole. Does it look like someone has been fooling around in there? Is the nut stripped?

Are there any cracks on the side of the neck where it joins to the body?

Is there too much space between the neck and the body or is it a snug fit?

Is there any fret buzz as you play up and down the neck?

Any cracks, nicks or dings on the neck? Especially where the headstock joint is.

What is the overall condition of the bass?

Do the electronic work? I normally bring a VOX headphone amp and a set of headphones to test out the bass quickly.

Don’t expect the world from something that cost $165 but make sure its worth it for you no matter what the cost. Even a $50 bass may not be worth it if its going to take too much time, money and effort to get it where you’d enjoy playing it.


This is correct - Fender Indonesia is made in the Cor-Tek factory.


Good to know, obviously I’ll know a lot more once I see it in person but from what the seller said and the other photos it seems to be in excellent condition. My main reason for considering this is that my current bass has run its course and has become rather annoying to play (super old MIJ that I resurrected with some DIY fixes, even with those fixes the action is like 1/4" at the 12th fret, and the neck may be warped too), so I am mostly hoping it has decent playability (the seller had it setup with a low action so that’s nice too).

This is the only video I could find of this specific bass in action: More funk than Bruno Mars! Slap bass fun Cort GB24 - YouTube

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Just got a closer look at one here:

Nice cutaway and the heal is smooth for access to the higher notes.

Looks like that guy is doing a great job on it in the video.

If she is in good condition she seems like a good bass to have.

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Not to derail the topic too much, but do you have a picture of the MiJ bass? What is it?

Here’s a photo and some info on its history: Show Us Your Basses - #3459 by bowtieben7

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I own a Cort Action PJ, which was just under € 200 new. It’s a great bass, fit and finish are excellent. Pickups are nothing special, but they do the job. In my opinion you can’t go wrong buying a Cort (if it has no obvious flaws or defects of course).


I didn’t read the thread, but you get a pass for under $200. I bought a Mikro for $175 and love it…

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Fenders are built in Indonesia at at least 3 factories, PT Cor-Tek, PT Samick, and PT Wildwood. Just an FYI

Yep. I link a post here with a list of who is made where for the three megafactories.