Fret board and left hand don't get along

So by some standards I’m considered a seasoned bass player, as a matter of fact this coming November 8 will be exactly one month that I began to learn how to play. Seasoned when it comes to infants and puppies anyway. Anywho, when I practice I try really hard to pay attention to my left hand technique and I’ve noticed that when I reach the 11th or 12th fret I lose most all form and am struggling to go further down the neck without completely distorting my posture or left arm and wrist. It’s actually a little painful to get all the way down to the lower frets. If I let my hand curve like it wants to I end up playing the strings with the far outer edges of my index and middle fingers but my ring and pinky fingers are completely off the fret board because they don’t reach due to the awkward position of my wrist and hand. I’ve tried adjusting how I hold my bass but it doesn’t make much difference. I’ve seen countless YouTube videos and other players don’t seem to have that issue. Is this a me thing?


This is gonna sound silly but try moving your elbow farther from your side.

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I could really use some images to dig into this one! Post a video or some photos if you can.