Fretless Envy

I’m still saving up for my first bass and getting by with a decent loner bass.

I went to my local music store to try out the Yamaha recommended here Which Bass To Buy? |

They had one and it was okay. Still probably going with a different one. And for a first bass I’m not going to get a fretless.


They had this beauty.

This is a small store with one amp that wasn’t available during my quick visit so I can’t fully judge the sound. To my ear and without amplification I don’t think it’s what I’d want. Besides fretless basses are for specific sounds, or so I’ve read.

But it felt like playing silk. I absolutely loved it and was surprised how accurately I could play.

My first bass will be fretted. And I’m already thinking about an acoustic for a second bass.

But my third bass? Whenever that day comes? I’ll be shocked if it’s not a fretless.


…if it doesn’t come a lot sooner than you think. :wink:


Good fretless songs would have most of of what a fretless can produce. Great fretless songs/ player you wouldn’t even notice it.

So the answer to you is not really a specific sound you can play them just like the regular bass. @Shibata should chime in here. It took me forever to convince him to convert, lol.


My first ever bass is fretted. (I just started this past August.) My second bass is a fretless.
I’m very happy that I went this route and that I have both basses.
You might want to check out this thread and join the Fretless Fan Club:


Fretless :heart:

I don’t know what it is about them, but I they do it for me me way more than fretted basses.
I have been working on my fretless technique a lot lately. The funny thing is most of the time when I am playing fretless you can’t even tell. It sounds like I am playing fretted. I am working on my growl and vibrato a lot and starting to get better at the “fretless” sound.


I like the way you think :slight_smile: How about your 4th, 5th and 6th? I say two more fretted and another fretless!

That bass is beautiful


Pretty much same here. Love playing on the fretless.


Thanks for pointing me there. I don’t always read every post of a thread when finding one over 100 posts long, but I had to.