Gadgets! Praise good ones and bash bad ones

Wasn’t sure where to put this so started this thread to have a place to cite and ask about (mostly useless but sometimes invaluable) gadgetry.

This might be pretty good, IF they made one for a BASS!

Apparently they think bassists don’t clean frets.


Embrace the gunk

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I use this kind of protectors :

costs about nothing and works perfectly.


Yeah I have a similar one from Stewmac. I also have the blue handle one from music nomad.

This would work. Once and done. Sadly it only work with mostly fender scale

This is what I use as well.

I don’t use any, I just polish the fretboard too to remove any scuffs from polishing the frets. Works perfectly.

If you get the metal ones, sand them before using to remove any accidental burrs, or you risk a scratch that you’ll need to buff out. Guess how I found out :slight_smile:

I use blue masking tape, even works for filing.


Yeah for serious work the low-tack tape is the way to go. Though I even file without it, both for ends and crowning. I wouldn’t use a full size leveller without tape though, even though it’s probably safer than a crowning file.

I think these are likely the best type of metal ones; the bands holding it in place are a nice touch that would help a lot.

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Some gadgets I own and like:

Neck rest. Simple but effective.

Fret polishing rubber. Works well, but, as others will probably point out, cheap, high-grit nail files will work too.

String winder. Simple, effective, essential.

GHS Fast Fret. Still not sure about this. It works great, but I get the impression it makes strings go “dead” quicker.


yes !

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That neck rest is NICE. I love cork btw.
I use #000 steel wool for final polishing - quick and very effective, fret alloy is rather soft-ish.
Can’t find a winder that suits Gotoh style keys, and winding by hand goes quick too.

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Amazing how well things like this work! It’s like a gunk eraser.

They’ve worked well for me, but nothing wrong with things like this either. Whatever gets the gob done.

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Probably my favorite gadget discovered to date.

Gruv Gear David Ellefson Recoil Signature Strap

So comfortable and so adjustable.


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