GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome (Part 2)

I betcha the authors agree.

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I also like how they collapsed like three different characters in to Drummer and ended up with maybe the best character in the series


Show was a text book example of how to successfully adapt a literary IP to serialized tv.
Of course, having the authors in the writing room, is always a good sign.

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On the whole, I think they did a really great job of casting the show. Naomi, Holden, and Bobby were perfect. Chrisjen… I love that woman.


Cas Anvar (Alex) was great too, despite the subsequent scandal. What a bummer. At least they wrote him out in a solid way - because he definitely had to go.

There’s something just amazing about having a Martian region populated by people of Indian descent that have imported the culture of Texas.


I loved Traveller.

AD&D was fun, I actually played D&D back in the 70s before the rule books were published, and a mage did 1d4 damage, thief 1d6, cleric 1d8, and a fighter 1d10, regardless of the weapon used. Much more into roleplaying and it was very free wheeling. I met Gygax once or twice. Weird guy.

Also did Call of Cthulu and Middle Earth by ICE, and Tales from the Floating Vagabond/Steve Jackson, which was a hoot (one skill is “swing nasty pointy thing”, another is “look good at all times”).

Shadowrun was fun, it has an interesting magic system and astral combat was unique.

The good old days


Nice! I’ve mostly played…

Vampire the Masquerade

Vampire was really great!

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sorry to interrupt.

no need to post a pix because we’ve all seen it, but sweetwater finally got the katana:go back in stock and sent me mine. i have had a few of the cheapo plug in headphone amp dohickees and haven’t been crazy about any of them. but this is certainly a step up in sound and functionality. recommend :+1:

we now return you to your previously scheduled nerdgasm


New manifestation of GAS: pedalboard :joy:

So I don’t really have too many pedals - tuner of course, preamp (mainly used for silent practicing but also Rush: Cold fire that we play requires some drive as well so good for that as well and compressor (now upgraded*) from Behringer CL9 to EHX Bass Preacher; plus the power supply. Figured it’s easier to put them on a board but starting to realize that the acquired Boss BCB30x is indeed small for 3 pedals and regular interconnect cable, probably have to buy some flat/flexible ones.

Anyhow, current status (works OK but could be more tidy I guess):

*: About the Bass Preacher: tried to find the balance with the internal gain potmeter and so-so but still have a little noise; and very interestingly when compression is way too much with my P (w/flats) than barely noticeable with my J (w/fresh rounds), while the CL9 was pretty much the same with all my basses. Is that standard or am I facing some weird issue?


Katana Go arrived, me likey.
For a cheaper version of the Boss Waza Air, this can’t be beat.
Love the Waza Air, but having two places, this now let’s me keep one in each and get the same functionality, just one has an extra wire.

This thing def changes the game on headphone amps, esp for the price!


I temember that you have a Bluetooth page turner. Is it by chance the Boss Fs1 wl?

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Amazon is carrying the Katana Go and I have gift card on file that will just about cover it. Fifth Bassaversary present for me!


You go @JerryP


Yes, indeed.


I am 100% #3 on this list :rofl:


Spot on, and I’d wager we have them all represented here in the forum (perhaps not an entirely pure #1, but close…) :smile:

Also, I’d add perhaps a #10 - the endless ditherer :rofl:


I’m a bit of everything at different time. I’m a solid #11, :joy:


Tbh, I think you’re a 9/9. :rofl:


I was definitely a #4, then I realized instead of buying several cheaper instruments I could buy one really nice one for the same price. So now I’m starting my collection of nice ones. :roll_eyes:

Ideally, I’d like to become more of a #3. I dream of having that one bass that was so perfect for me and I was so happy with I could sell the others.

Primarily though, these days I’m the short attention span type, getting infatuated with one type/brand/feature and having it be my favorite, then getting infatuated with something else only to wonder if I should sell the first one.


I don’t listen to their music BUT that’s a good looking passive Stingray for the price.