GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome (Part 2)

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honestly, I’m surprised it took this long to have to start a part 2 of the GAS thread. :rofl:


GGAW from the last post in the old GAS topic, I first read your comment as “I was fret inches away from divorce”. My present, current and final wife called my office room with my basses, “the money pit room”!


Not really being such a fan of preamps, this one completely changed my mind. I despise audio voo doo. This thing sounds magically great and I don’t know why. My natural tendency is to measure it, but I don’t really care to bother and who cares anyway. I think I may finally be turning into a musician. (Ignore the circuit experiment when I say that)


I’m considering a SGT-DI too. I’m wondering between this one and the BassRig Super Vintage. Those two preamps are quite close, probalby the only two real “SVT’s in a box”. Everybody says both are truely excellent.


I wonder how similar the pre-amp in that pedal is to the rocket bass pre-amp. The grit on my amp sounds a whole lot better than I was expecting live.


Yeah, the BassRig is pretty awesome too. It’s my favorite preamp.


We’ve been married for 25 years so we know the boundaries

Th 30 days free return policies have been a way to test them a few times :wink:

Really enjoying the fender rumble 500 !


Actually the SGT-DI is the same preamp used on the Venture amp series. The Rocket has a different preamp.


More pre-loved SAG…

Pulling together a pedal board (I still need to buy the board itself) and last night I acquired:

  1. a TC Electronic Polytuner (play all 4 [or 5, or 6 :wink:] strings, immediately see if any are out and then tune)
  2. a TC Electronic Flashback Delay & Looper

These will sit alongside the compressor, chorus and phaser that I have already bought (second hand). I’m not sure if I need a fuzz / overdrive yet. My Orange amp has this built in…



Interesting. I wonder if the SGT circuit is the same, except maybe higher quality components.

I also wonder how close the helix software modeling is to the DI box which may or may not be basically software? Not that any of this matters, but it’s fun to think about.

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I’m quite sure it’s not at all the same circuit. the Venture and Rocket are very different ranges, and the Venture/SGT are much more recent than the Rocket.


to bring back the headless discussion of a few weeks ago, that new cort headless is getting a ton of buzz lately.

I didn’t know you could do that with a marriage partner… I’m way past the 30 days now - and she’s a keeper anyway.


Well, I’ve gone and done it. I injured my radial nerve in my left arm almost a year ago, talked about it elsewhere won’t get into it here, but fretting is super painful. Have barely played in the last 5 months.

So I want to try out playing left hand and see if that works, could not find a local left hand bass so I went to find the cheapest bass I could and got a Harley Benton. So we’ll give this a shot and see if I can at least play again. I am just so determined to play.



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Small GAS : two new kits from

  1. Amped-S Bass (left on the picture) : this is a solid-state recreation of the Ampeg SVT preamp, with the accurate 5-positions RLC midrange filter. It could be cool to have a compact SVT-like preamp on a pedalboard. For this kit, I bought the enclosure already drilled. I own a drill press but for 1 or 2€ more, it’s a nice time saver.
  2. Der Accapulco (right) : a clone of the EarthQuaker Devices Accapulco Gold. It’s a guitar distorsion that I’d like for some times. No pre-drilled enclosure here, because I might add a gain pot and so it would need a different drilling pattern than on the original pedal.


Swapped out the Zoom B2Four for an HX Stomp. I still like the Zoom but its workflow just didn’t jive with my lizard brain. After trying out the Stomp I realized it worked way better for the way my mind wants to break things down and I was able to put together patches and stuff much faster. Probably going to sell the Zoom if the wife doesn’t wind up wanting it.

HX Better:

  1. UI is much more intuitive to me - the lcd screen on the Zoom was bad. It was slow to update and I would often click past where I wanted and it was frustrating.
  2. Faster to edit and create patches - multiple knobs and ways of browsing and adding effects. Also having the favorites is huge. Yes, you could theoretically create/edit patches on the Zoom using only the foot but in practice, it was a pain. Keep in mind, my thought process isn’t like most people I’ve met so mileage may vary.
  3. More memory - Yes, the Zoom lets you have 5 effects at the same time but more often than not, I couldn’t use more than 3 before it ran out of memory.
  4. I don’t have to turn it on in order to play - If it’s off, it’s full bypass and I can just play with the amp alone.

Zoom Better:

  1. The tuner on the Zoom is much MUCH easier to dial in quickly. It’s still no Polytune pedal, but I started using my Zoom as the only thing because my Polytune suddenly started introducing a nasty buzz sound. Started right after my cat threw up on my pedalboard. With the HX, I tend to get the tuning of it “close enough” but have never gotten it fully dialed in. But I digress…
  2. The Zoom can specifically function as a DI where the HX can “kind of” work as one but most people still recommend getting a separate DI pedal for the HX. Don’t need to worry about that with the Zoom.
  3. Built in drum machine - That was a fun feature to play with.
  4. Power cord doesn’t cover the on/off switch.


That’s nice looking.

There was a headless discussion a few weeks ago? Huh.

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A great price came along so I just snatched it. Hopefully it’ll get here soon.