GEAR TALK | Sire Marcus Miller P5

Been looking hard at a P5 for my next bass acquisition. Weighing it against a Bruce Thomas Profile p-bass from the UK, but Sire is driving a hard bargain with this one. Also they work in volleys of instruments so they preserve quality over quantity.

Any thoughts to Marcus Miller P5? Need your opinion or thoughts!

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I had a Sire v7 and was well built. Quality components.

It I were to get a P bass it would either be a P5 and throw in a Geezer pup, or a D5 and throw in a Lindy Fralin pup. Roasted Maple neck for $500? Yes please

Unfortunately, Sire basses seem to be caught up in the supply chain shenanigans


I love the whole Sire concept. I have M2 and it’s great, not playing it that often because of the neck but for the money, it’s like … premium.

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I eyed the P7 for a long time, up to the point where I was actively looking for one on the second-hand market. More recently, I’ve been thinking that I would probably be fiddling with the many, many knobs that it has, instead of playing it. It does tick all other boxes though.

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I have a Sire V7 and really like it. It is my B-E-A-D bass so I use it whenever I need to get below E. I’m very impressed with the quality.

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There’s some great looking Sire basses out there. I look at them like Cort, kind of under the radar but making instruments that compete well with way more expensive ones.

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Sire makes great basses, I have an M7 and I love it! I considered the P5 but I don’t really like the gloss fingerboard and I couldn’t find one in stock anywhere. It’s hard to beat the features that Sire offers on their bases, especially for the price. I ended up with a player precision bass that I got for a great deal on Amazon for about the same price as the P5 and it’s orange so it’s awesome :smiley:

this is one of my favourite channels for bass demos


I love love love the look of the necks on those.

It was like that for the first bit when I got my M7 (which has ALL the knobs/switches :smiley: ) but I found what I liked on it and now I don’t waste too much time with it much. It’s like when you get a new amp and you play around with dialling in sounds you like. I just set everything to the middle and went through each knob individually to see how they affected things… the mid control probably makes the biggest difference. The tone control works in both active and passive modes.


I love this idea. Nice to have a LPF in addition to the EQ when active.

sshoihet that’s one beautiful bass. wow!

I own the v7 2nd gen. It is pretty awesome! I have three buddies who are professionals who all play them. I’m sure the p5 is super solid. You will love the neck!