I don’t know if this is the right place but where are the lessons on gear? I’m still confused with EQ, Preamp, Gain, Drive, Comp, etc.


I don’t remember there being any lessons on gear in the course. However, there are tons of people here that can help with any questions you have. Just list them out and people will answer them.


Hi @marksmith250628! Welcome to BassBuzz!

Josh doesn’t have any videos specific those gear questions. The videos he has are mainly about choosing a budget bass and budget amp for beginning players.

As for…

Each of those are pretty big topics. Where would you like to begin?


In lesson 1, mod 1 at 12:20, Josh clearly recommends checking out the gear basics video. I can’t find this.


There might be a bass buzz video for that on YouTube. I dont know of one here on the forum, but you can tag Josh like thes @JoshFossgreen , and when he is online next he can clarify for you.


I even remember watching the video he’s talking about at that time stamp. But I’m having trouble remembering where it is.

I’ll keep searching and post a link when I find it. Unless someone beats me to it.


Good video for beginners on pedals and effects. A Beginner's Guide To Bass Guitar Effects Pedals...Bass Effects Explained! - YouTube


Dang it! I can’t find it. Maybe @JoshFossgreen will pipe in later and give us all a pointer.

From what I remember it was very basic. Giving only a starting point for setting up your equipment.

  • How to plug in the bass and the bass to the amplifier.
  • How to adjust the knobs on the bass.
  • Set all EQ (low, mid, high) knobs at noon. Meaning halfway, usually pointing straight up.
  • Make sure any buttons or switches for boosting EQ are turned off. Some amps have things like; bright, contour, vintage, high boost, low boost, etc.
  • Leave Drive/Chorus/Compressor (or any other effects) turned off for now.

You can also read more about adjusting all the knobs here…
How To Adjust Your Bass and Amp Sound


It’s on, menu, gear.

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Hey Mark, it’s at the beginning of Module 2! I cover just super basic stuff on Gain/Volume and EQ. Drive and compression aren’t necessities for playing early on, so you can just ignore that stuff for starting out.


One more question; can I print the sheet music for the 50 songs?

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Hmmm. How to answer this?

Not officially or legally. Although, someone on the Discord chat server might be able to help you find a workaround. Here is a link for the Discord server…

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