General Forum Questions

I couldn’t find a thread for general forum questions. So, I decided to start one.

What’s the consensus on resurrecting old threads?

On some forums they don’t care. On other forums it’s considered a big negative. I have posted in a couple of older threads and no one complained. If it’s better to start a new topic, just let me know.

Community Guidelines FAQ?

I found this by accident and I don’t know how to get back to it without going to my badge for reading the Community Guidelines. Also, I dropped a couple of f-bombs in a post, read the community guidelines, and went back and changed it to f@ck. I don’t tend to use a lot of f-bombs but if this is a problem I’ll fix it.

That’s all I have for now. BassBuzz forums are such a nice place (especially compared to most of the Internet) I don’t want to be the one to make it less so.


Oh, and why are likes limited? I have been reading a bunch of the forums and end up running out of likes before I’m finished reading stuff?

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Not sure if there is a rule but I preferentially resurrect old threads to keep info context. For example, I just posted a bunch of vids to an old “small hands” thread because they were of absolute shredders with small hands :slight_smile:

This is an internet ethic that has changed over time. Ten years ago, you’d get crap in forums for not searching for existing threads. Today it’s the opposite. Basically I don’t care online in most places but if there is a preference here I am happy to follow it too.

Here’s a link to the community guidelines:


@howard and @eric.kiser:

it’s probably especially the “keep it tidy” request that is the hardest to follow and fulfill. Part of the problem is, of course, that as new members join, they are bound to have similar questions to those perhaps already asked and answered. Heck, I probably posted what I thought were golden nuggets if wisdom without realizing that something similar had already been mentioned.

One thing is that it is just “easier” to post a question (or a reply, for that matter) than to go through all the stuff that has accumulated on the forum; and searches don’t always work… or we are just too lazy.

But, people also tend not to think linearly only, but instead make connections and cross-references, and many issues could pop up in different categories (and do).

So, perhaps, we all have a task to be the common memory in here to remind ourselves of stuff already dealt with, and to help keep the forum tidy and provide some continuity!?! (I think @howard just did exactly that with a question on how to hear your bass and a YouTube video simultaneously through earphones).


Yeah if I remember another thread I try and link it rather than repost the same info. But memory is flaky :slight_smile:


I finally found how I had gotten to the Community Guidelines FAQ.

If you go to the ‘three bars’ icon beside your picture on the upper right hand side it just listed as FAQ.


Hey Eric, thanks for asking these questions! This forum is still relatively young, so firm answers don’t necessarily exist in all cases.

I’m all for resurrecting old threads, part of what I like about this forum platform is that it’s easy to find stuff. I don’t see any reason that an old thread shouldn’t still be used.

I’m adding to my to-do list to make the Community Guidelines easier to find, and update them (can’t remember when I last did that). In the mean time, swear if you f**king feel like it, as long as it’s in the realm of being kind to others, and a few asterisks doesn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

That’s a great question! Must be a default setting in the forum platform, I don’t see any reason for that, I’ll look into that too.

FWIW, I haven’t really noticed any issues with this in the forum so far, I think everyone is doing great!


There are academic studies that say a full vocabulary that includes some choice swear words - used appropriately and sparingly - is a sign of high intelligence.

I say “f**k yeah!” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@JoshFossgreen I saw that you have a badge that lets you give more likes. If it’s just the way the forum software works then that’s fine. It is a very nice forum. I thought it was strange there would be any restriction on likes since that is a restriction on participation, which is what you want on a forum.

@PeteP F**k Yeah! :metal::slightly_smiling_face::metal:


I love this place.


I’m not starting the classes till August 1st. So, I haven’t seen what’s on the inside. I want to create a record of my practice time and what I’m working on. Is that something I can do in this forum or is their an internal forum where that would be more appropriate. Or is their some other mechanism built in to the member area that is set up for this?


I just went to verify the price for the lessons ( I found it) and realized there is no direct link on your front page to something explaining the Beginner to BadAss course or how to get a price or how to sign up for it. Am I missing something obvious?

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@eric.kiser, when you sign up for the lessons, you will get a hardcopy “Course Extras” booklet and a hardcopy “First 50 songs You Should Play on Bass” booklet.

There is a checklist on pp 4,5,6 of the “Extras” booklet where you can keep track of where you are in the course. Also, within the course, it will automatically pick up where you left off as you check the box “marked as completed” for each lesson.

You can also ask @JoshFossgreen questions along the way in the course. It’s sort of like an internal forum. You’ll see what I mean when you get started.

HTH and wishing you good luck, Joe . . . :slight_smile:


Sounds pretty cool! Thanks, Joe!


Go to and click on the middle box marked “complete beginner bass lessons”. . . :slight_smile:

All best, Joe


Hey @eric.kiser, all the info on the course is right here -

And in reference to previous discussion, I found some time today to clean up some stuff around the forum, so now:

  • You have a lot more likes available per day
  • Badge text is more customized (and full of dumb little jokes courtesy of me)
  • Community guidelines are simpler and more reflective of the community

Thanks for bringing this up Eric!


@JoshFossgreen How can I get a black t-shirt with orange and white lettering that says…

Grab Life By The Bass!

I would go for a white one with orange and black lettering too.


Haha you read my mind Eric, I was just pestering the team about t-shirts. I hope we can get on that sooner than later. :tshirt::guitar::zap:


Cool! I look forward to seeing what designs y’all come up with.

I have discovered the ‘Certified’ badge for completing the interactive new user tutorial. I don’t have this badge.

Is this for the tutorial with BassBot? I finished that tutorial and I did the advanced tutorial. Am I missing something? Is their a different tutorial I’ve missed?

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