Good strap recommendation?

I wound up going with the Fender “broken-in leather strap” from their site and its working out great. 2.5" wide, lightweight. Happy with the purchase.


One more vote for the Kliq Aircell strap,massive improvement on my free nylon-cut-into-the-shoulder-until-you-cry torture device.
I have the regular length and it is plenty for me at about 5’10( if that’s what 1.78m is in “old money” :grin: )
I really like it,it’s wide and feels solid

Wanted to get something to make the bongo look good, mark from talking bass recommended these. Took forever to get it, and pricey. But soooo nice


BTW I had reported in a post a long time ago to beware of these guys. I ordered in the beginning of the lock down and waited about 3 months - no strap (they are in Cyprus I believe). Then when I went to their website it was gone. I contacted my CC and stopped payment. A few days later a very nice girl from them contacted me and told me they were having website problems and to wait a little longer. I was sceptical that it wasn’t lost but sure enough it showed up a few days later.


Woooooow that looks good!

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This is what I eventually settled on:

Memory foam feels comfortable around the shoulders. I have my fathers old custom leather strap, but I really don’t want to wear it unless I gig one day (which is a very unlikely day, but who knows). :slight_smile:

I do take some perverse pleasure that my strap is worth 75% of the bass guitar I bought. xD

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The Minotaur straps look really good. I like them :star_struck:

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Sorry, TLDR - are any of the recommended straps such that their length can be varied continuously, i.e., not just discreetly from one hole to the next?? And, easily so?? Thx :blush:

Many of them, probably all non-leather ones. I can recommend this one:


Mono makes an amazing strap.

I got a 3" wide AirCell one from Amazon and I’ve been happy with it. I’m a beginner so no experience with other straps, but this one has been comfortable while doing the B2B lessons both sitting and standing.

I’ve been using the Fender broken-In leather strap and am really happy with it.

Aircells can on the bridge end of the strap (but not the horn end).

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