GRS - Gear Regret Syndrome

She plays perfect now, I’m inclined not to mess with it, which includes installing the Nordy pickup I have for it.


The answer is always install the Nordy. What was the question?

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In general I’ve not been a fan of the Quarter Pound line of pickups. The SCPB is the exception. It has punch, low end, mids and highs. It’s quiet. It’s a fantastic pickup. I have seen boutique basses with this pickup, I can see why

TI Jazz flats are supremely comfortable and great sounding.

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I guess my GRS would be my Nordy 51P4S pickup.

Oh well

Thought you might get a few chuckles from the attached pics. The Black Knight is actually a pile of walnut boards, bonded together, with some maple strips sandwiched in, I milled from a chunk of birds eye maple. The bass is a beast; quite heavy-but ain’t no neck dive here!


Nicely done, @pops - I recognize gorgeous walnut when I see it. Here is a picture of my Roks - American walnut on European walnut:


There has to be a word beyond beautiful to describe your Roks. How do you clean and condition the walnut? And, how heavy is she? Love it.

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Well, there is a word that starts with a number and ends with “Euro”, but, yeah, thanks :grin:

As far as I understand, it has a coat of matte lacquer on there, so not much conditioning needed. Or?

Don’t really know (or care) - it’s a one-off, so no such specs available (unless I weigh it, which I don’t feel I want to). Let’s just say, it’s not a lightweight, but that means it sustains those low notes beautifully :wink:

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@joergkutter, when are you going to let me borrow that?


Well, that depends on what you are going to do with it :rofl:

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Nothing dirty, just wear out the strings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah nah :wink:

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I have regrets almost every time I buy something. For me, it is part of the process.
I send back a lot of stuff. I also sell a lot of things.
If it can survive my “post-purchase regret phase” it usually stays for longer.

My recent purchase regret (already put on sale) is the short-scale Maruszczyk Elwood. Lovely instrument, and beautiful craftsmanship… Alas, shor-scale is not for me.

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I had such good plans and intentions.

I’m stoked about my Nordy 51J4S pickups on order, rocking a set of 51 p pickups on a jazz has an appeal.

I bought an FGN jazz thinking to upgrade the pups. But I’m loving how it plays now. It’s a little quiet on the output, but tone, and playability such as hammer ons and pull offs is just the best I have. Don’t want to mess with it. Sometimes you need to leave things alone

So I regret putting myself in a situation