Has anyone completed this course while living in an apartment?

Hello, my name is Jamie and I am new to bass. Currently I am seeing a teacher once a week for 30 minutes, doing beginner things like spider exercises on the frets, but am looking to accelerate my learning. Whenever I am practicing at home, I have to use headphones to prevent my neighbors in my apartment complex from being bothered.

Is there a way to do this course while wearing the headphones? I would be doing the course from a laptop. I don’t want to constantly be taking my headphones on and off to hear what Josh is saying and missing something important he may have to say.


Hello Jamie and welcome to the bass world :slight_smile: with a modelisation soundcard (like a Line6 Toneport for exemple) plugged to your computer, you can have both your bass and the course audio track on the same headphones.


Hello @Jamie, there are several (at least two or three) threads in here that discuss the options that you have to play bass, hear yourself through headphones while also hearing either Josh or a YouTube playalong etc via your laptop/computer.

There are several viable solutions, depending a bit on the gear you already have (mainly what outputs your amp offers), and also on your long-term goals (i.e., whether you’d also like to record yourself at some time (highly recommended for educational purposes alone!)). Best solutions, IMHO, is to invest in a USB audio interface (UAI), which costs around USD 100-150 (for example the one @terb suggests, or a Rubix22 or several others out there) . Then, you’d also need (typically free) software such as GarageBand or similar.

But, as I said, search the forum a bit, maybe looking for keywords “headphones”, “recording”, “UAI” etc.


Thanks for the information, will definitely look into them… Sorry, I didn’t know there were other threads about this topic.


@Jamie Welcome to the forum!

There are a lot of options but one of the coolest things I’ve heard talked about was somebody had hearing aids that were Bluetooth enabled to hear the lesson and wore headphones to hear their bass.

Here’s one of the threads to get you started…

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Who needs clever bits of technical trickery? Just plug one pair into your amp and one pair into your computer. Sorted!

(of course I’m only joking)

((or am I?))


No problem, @Jamie - just ask, and someone’s bound to answer your question or, at least, point you in the right direction :smile:


Another idea… get a bass amp without much low frequency (yeah, I know a complete contradiction)

Something like this little thing wouldn’t bother the neighbors set on low volume…


My friend has the guitar version and the tone is brilliant. It’s absolutely tiny too

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Welcome to the forum @Jamie! As other said, there are lots of ways you can get your bass and the course audio funneled into the same pair of headphones, so your neighbors are in luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

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