Help me, BassBuzz, you’re my only hope!

Make sure you are not discounting a good bass for a bad setup @timsgeekery
Barney has a good point. You need to know how to look past setup issues and see bass issues (look/feel) and electronic issues (don’t like preamp/pickups etc - even those are mod’able).
People do this all the time on various instruments.


Soooo much this.

Pick one on feel/vibe and just go for it.


That’s what I’m trying to do, but I keep second guessing myself! It’s a serious conundrum over here, folks. :smiley:

So if you were me, @Wombat-metal and @quadfather, which would you pick to go for it with?



If it was me?

I’d setup both basses and have a play along to some already made tunes, and then start noodling some random stuff. I’d do that for a few days and my heart will tell me which one to play.

I love playing my other basses, but my main one is my main one. If I had to, I could get rid off all of them apart from the main one and I’d still be happy. What you’re describing is choice paralysis, so you need to change your perspective on what is right for you. Whichever bass makes you feel good, then that’s the bass you use. I can’t comment on your basses as I’ve never played them. But if I had played them, it is still up to you, not me :slight_smile:

It’s definitely more for me about how it feels and sounds and that’s it for me.

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If it were me, I’d likely pick the Lb20. I like the Jazz style neck, and I’m not particularly fond of the Ibby style neck.

But that’s my preferences, it’s not yours. Take tone out of the picture. Which bass do you prefer to play? If you were to noodle around and write a riff, which bass would you pick up?

The answer I would give on both counts is my Paranormal. It’s not my favorite tone wise, but playing it is less work for me.

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Or get one of this. Emg factory direct on reverb is selling it at half price. It’s just awesome. For $150 it’s a killer deal.


Pick 'em both @timsgeekery
If you are this confused, it is the way…

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Just buy more and really go down the rabbit hole, and then you’ll look back and see this as nothing, compared to the problem you now have with 8 basses :slight_smile:


I agree. All things mention so far are easy enough fix.

Check the neck relief for the overly brightness some times if it hits the frets just right it’d rattle the frets and give you the impression of being too bright.

I have no idea what you are talking about, please elaborate:)


You need a panoramic shot @Al1885 (says the guy who just ordered a second multi-bass stand).


Lol or the tunnel shot then it’d still miss the ones in my shed, lol



I’m afraid I have no idea either


That’s just monsterously brilliant :slight_smile:


Is the upright a 3/4 or full size, and how tall are you?
I have no idea how I am getting one of those in here, but it’s going to happen one day.

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Easy! You need an at least 24 oz. thumb indexer and a gas axe. A shop dirt sucker may also be helpful.

Love how the fretless is all way to the front.

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I found a left-handed upright on Reverb & thought, “hey, that’s reasonable, even with shipping!” Then I noticed that I’d missed a zero on the price. Damn, those things are expensive!

And $200+ for a set of replacement stings. :joy:

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Its a full size 4/4. I’m 6 foot 4 inches tall, and it’s about right, maybe a little too large but easily adjusted with the pin at the bottom.

I can highly recommend it! They’re not very portable but so much fun to play, and you can get a pickup too and amp them for even more fun