Help me, BassBuzz, you’re my only hope!

Haha, it was the last one I used. I like to change them up a bit regularly :slight_smile:

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Oh this would be the way…I would mostly want it for rockabilly (and some Mingus too).

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What are you waiting for then? :slight_smile:

I am in awe of all of you with these expansive music rooms and quantities of basses that would make my local Guitar Center green with envy. :slight_smile:

So yesterday I spent an amazing amount of time looking up maintenance manuals for my two “contender” basses, adjusting and re-adjusting action, pickup height, etc., etc., etc. I got them both to within microns of factory recommended settings and spent a long while switching back and forth to help me get to a happy spot in the choice between them. While I love the LB20, I think I’m going to default to the SR500E. It is a more versatile instrument that is lighter and easier to play, and the onboard EQ means that I can tweak the tone as needed better than I could with the LB20’s single tone and individual pickup volume knobs.

So… thanks, everyone, for the feedback. :slight_smile:


The only caveat I’d add to that as a learning experience for others. Is to use the factory setting as a baseline then adjust using your ears.

I set my action super low then increase it until I can tolerate the fret buzz. It’s waaay lower than factory settings.

The same for pickup height. Measure the current height so you can return to it and then turn them up and down until you find a sound you like.

Just my 2cents for anyone encountering this in the future.


Breathing room between my other purchases so my wife doesn’t go nuts.

Agree here. Been lowering and lowering action on basses as I get better at the feel thing. Now if I pick up one I haven’t got to yet I’m shocked at how I ever played it.

It’s a journey.

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Say no more. It’s a delicate situation to be sure.

Good advice, that’s pretty much what I did. The factory settings on the SR500E left me with… not fret buzz, but when I’d pluck the A string above the 12th fret, it would hit the frets. So a… fret “clack”, I guess.

Anyway, I adjusted the action up - ever so slightly - and did a very small truss-rod tweak, and now it’s perfect. At least, for my ears and hands. :slight_smile:

Sounds great. Sr500 ftw

A little clack now and then adds character. Just listen to Geezer

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I wouldn’t even bother measuring at all. Just go by feel and sound.

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