Help me decide!

I am looking to buy either an Ibanez SR300, Yamaha TBRX304, or the Yamaha BB234. What would you buy? I am really leaning towards the BB234 because of the passive pickups and I know the quality will be there. Oh, I’m using my Sweetwater card so I know they’ll go over it before shipping.


Those are three excellent lines of basses and I’m sure whichever one you choose will be a quality instrument for you. I hesitate to make a recommendation because thay’re all good, and the differences are subjective.

I can tell you which one I prefer, but that doesn’t help which is right for you. So I will ask what kind of music do you listen to? What do you wish to play?


Whatever strikes me! Rock, blues, any good bass line.

The TRBX304 gets a lot of love here. The SR300 as well, if I recall correctly. I’ve only really played Ibanez 5-string necks. That said I think the Sr300e in Sky Veil Matte looks gorgeous. Weathered Black, too. Factory Blue and Mist Green on the Yamaha looks great as well. So does white.

I am not helping at all, am I? :thinking:

I want to say the BB has a different neck profile than the TRB? The nut is slightly wider on the BB. It’s hard to know what you will like in your hand until you get it into your hand.

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The BB234 just strikes me. Especially in natural yellowish color. And I like the simplicity of the passive pickups. But damn the SR300 looks good. And the 304 gets such good reviews. Or maybe a Gretsch short scale. Decisions, decisions.

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The SR and TRBX are better looking instruments, the thing I don’t like about the BB is it has boring finishes, a trafemark of the line.

The BB is heavier, but I don’t see any in stock at Sweetwater to compare. The SR and TRBX are uner 8 pounds, the BB should be closer to 9 or 10.

The nut size is purely personal preference. The BB has a 40 mm nut which I am very comfortable with, where as the SR and TRBX have 38 mm, which I am also comfortable with.

The Sr300e is in stock with a Sky Veil blue, which is cool looking, but I like the TRBX304 in a Candy Apple red myself.

This is all really subjective. You can rock/blues out on any of them

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This is the one I am tempted to buy even though I need another bass like a hole in the head


I wish they sold Sterling.

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I have a good J bass and an LTD P/J active bass. I love the look of the Yamaha BB. Even the boring colors available are fine…white or natural yellow. But damn the Ibanez is slick. And the 304 would work too. Maybe a Jackson JS3…hehe

I had a TRBX305 and really liked it but sold it to upgrade. They are good basses. Have you looked at the 504?

From what many here say it’s very worth the extra $$

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I own the TRBX304 and TRBX504.

The 504 with the upgraded electronics and alnico pickups and the capability to switch between active and passive modes does it for me. :+1:


I’m old school cause I’m old. I really think the BB is the way I am going to go.


Go for it.
I don’t think you can go wrong with any Yamaha.

I’m 71 and started Bass just over a year ago. I have several Yamaha acoustics and that was the initial reason I chose Yamaha for a new Bass.

Good Luck :+1:

Well Hell, they don’t have a BB in stock

They have the red 304 in stock. And Ibanez 300. Which one now?

Have you looked here?

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No, I am using my Sweetwater card.

All of those are good basses.

I’ve owned both TRBX’s and a BB. From what you have said, I would recommend the BB. It’s a great, classic line of basses probably more aligns with the styles you like.

Another thing to check in to is if you can find/afford a BB434. They have a lot of improvements over the 234 for not too much more.

All three basses are roughly equal quality.

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