Help me decide!

Well, I will be the proud owner of an Ibanez SR300 IN SKY Veil Matte. The GAS was unbearable and I cannot wait. I read all the reviews and bassist like this thing. I think it was a good choice. Later when GAS strikes again a Yamaha BB 734 or higher will be mine.


Good to hear.

Choosing a Bass is such a personal endeavor.
The bottom line here is that as long as YOU are happy with the choice very little else matters.


Can’t go wrong with Yamaha IMO,
@EddieJones ,
I still have my first bass, a black Yamaha RBX200 ,
Cheers Brian


I think you’ve done well. Mostly because you actually pulled the trigger on making a decision. The choices in this aren’t easy.
When researching, i was really hung up on the trbx304. It looked good, had Yamaha quality built in and was the right price.
My good friend and mystic guru sent me a link for ibanez sr300e in night snowburst. I looked at it and fell nearly as hard as i did for my girl…in much the same manner, one look and i knew this was going to be what i wanted.

But i still kicked it around for a couple days, agonizing over whatever it is i was stalling for.
Finally, after giving myself a headache i hit the buy now button.
I’m really glad i made the choice i did. What a rig for a beginner! Super smooth play, perfect balance, Massive tone capability. It really smoothed up my learning curve. ( I’ve never gotten over why students get cheap, badly set up instruments.
Isn’t learning to play hard enough?)
Also, Ibanez sends out well constructed items. Even though the cost wasnt emotionally damaging, it came set up nearly perfectly. Really nice mid-level action, perfect intonation at the 12th fret and a good set of d’addario strings

My grandson has it now. And as much as i love it,

I’m not sad, because another beginner gets to have the experience of a really nice starter rig.

All of the basses mentioned are nice, and im a little bit biased. But believe at this price you can’t go wrong with this. I really hope your experience is as good as mine.


The whole SR line is fantastic. You’ll be happy with it. I actually prefer dual humbuckers over P/J myself.


This is a pic of my actual bass. I think it is beautiful and hope it plays as well as it looks. I know I was leaning towards the Yamaha’s but really have always had a soft spot in my heart for Ibanez. The first guitar I ever bought years ago was an Ibanez Iceman (wish I still had it…might be worth some money).


Looks like a SR300e? That’s going to be a great bass. More features and probably better pickups than the TRBX304. The 3-band EQ is huge for me, I don’t like 2-bands - it was one of the reasons I upgraded to the 604.

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It is the SR300E. I think it has Power Span pickups and the three band EQ

Check out the headstock! Matches the body.


The back is just as pretty


That’s beauty! If the bb is out of the running that is killer and a looker. The eq is so functional it’s hard to play my passive basses a little since I’ve been playing my actives. At home is different than playing out. Passive at home is fine but playing out the actives make it easier to sit in the mix when the sound guy doesn’t quite nail it. In my opinion.


The bass has the best of both worlds - it’s got an active/passive switch.

Beautiful finish @EddieJones nice bass

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Very pretty bass, @EddieJones . . . :slight_smile:

Nice gleaming blue color and great woodgrain!

Wish you many hours of happy playing

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And a 5 piece neck, and dual humbuckers with dual pole pieces. Same features as my TRBX504.
Not sure if all the switch functions are also the same but the layout of them is.


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I think I will be extremely happy by what I have read in the reviews.

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I’ve owned a couple SRs and they feel really nice and the neck is wicked quick. I like the line a lot. Think you will be happy

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Nice. !!

That’s got a White Walker / Game of Thrones vibe. Haven’t seen that finish before.


The SR300e is active only - the switch is coil tap modes for the humbuckers and I think the power tap is a bass boost but I am not sure. “Series” is the normal mode.

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Sounds flexible. Should be good tonal options

Yeah. Honestly you’ll probably always keep it in Humbucker mode though, and a nice mod down the line if you want to do it would be to rewire it to make it an active/passive switch :slight_smile:

Active mode gives you a lot more tone control though so I’m sure you’ll like it fine as is. The only real benefit of passive mode is it doesn’t require a battery; tonally, passive mode with the tone rolled all the way on should be about the same as active mode with a flat EQ.

You might like it with the coil split (“Tap”); it would sound more like a J bass then. You’d gain some growl and lose some deep rich humbucker tone.

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