Help. Sire vs Squier [POLL]

So guys I was in a search for nice Jazz bass since I really love the sound of it, and the one I have really has crap neck with uneven frets, baseball thickness and possibly warped neck. Heck it was 150$ brand new.

So upon my search I realized I really like the look with next things:

  • Natural finish, like Marcus Miller’s Fender
  • Lackered fretboard (maple)
  • Black block inlays
  • Black binding in the fretboard
  • Passive electronics
  • Black pickguard

So I narrowed my search down to two:

In the next part I’m subjective.


  • I love the sound
  • Lackered neck
  • Black binding and block inlays


  • Possible CQ issues
  • Black binding and inlays are painted
  • Possibility that I wont like lackered back side of the neck
  • Poplar body (Some people say that natural one has soft maple, but Fenders site says otherwise, seems only 5 stringer is soft maple)


  • Real binding and inlays
  • Lackered fretboard, satin neck
  • Roasted neck
  • Alder body
  • Awesome CQ as I have heard
  • EB Slinkeys come on it from the factory


  • More expensive
  • I think I like the sound of Squier better
  • Ugly headstock shape
  • Heard that tuners can go bad quickly
  • Model on the videeo looks weird with dark headstock and light fretboard

Sire: 390 Euros + ~60 Euros shipping + Import taxes
Squier: 320 Euros + 20 Euros shipping + Import taxes
Import Tax: 17% of the instrument price + ~50 Euros for administration

I can’t decide myself. Sane mind tells me to go for Sire, but other part of me says Squier.

Now none of them are available atm. Squier should be available in February, Sire in December. However there are Squiers available in black and sunburst right now, but I’m not sure should I go for it.

Why I’m asking for you experiences and opinion, is cause once again I’m forced to buy unseen and trust retailer, and I already had some bad luck with MIM Fender. Regarding Squier retailer said they would check out the instrument for me, if I want it, before shipping.


  • Sire
  • Squier
  • Other

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My subjective mind screams Sire because I’m not fond of anything Fender.

Sire has a superior preamp if that’s important to you, and it appears that the pros are more substantial than the Squiers pros, as well as the Sire’s cons being less connish than the Squier apart from the price.


I have Sire M2 and Squier PJ. Passive sound is incomparable, Squier all the way. Sire has better production quality, but Squier definitely isn’t shabby at all. If you are going for the classic Jazz sound, I would personally go with Squier.

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Both are passive. Thats what Im after.

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I would say that if you think the Squier sounds better go for that one. I’ve never had any issues with the Squier’s I’ve owned. I have a Sire V7 now that I use a lot and I really like it. However the Sire has a beefier neck while the Squier will have more of a classic Jazz bass neck.

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You could start a poll :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Awesome idea, added!


I have the VM 70’s Squire and love it. But I got a good deal used (~$300 USD). I was highly considering the SX Ursa 2 MN Ash NA before the Squire dropped in my lap. SX has surprisingly good reviews for their price point. I keep a close eye on their site because they also make 32" and 30" short scale JJ configurations and those are crazy hard to find.

I’ll be buying the instant SX drops this white block inlay version in 30" instead of it’s current 32" -

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Have you considered a Paranormal Jazz? I have a Squier CV 70s P, and the neck doesn’t bother me at all. I also have a Sire V7, which has a nice mellow tone but is quite heavy. My tuners work fine on it still, but so does the Squier. I play the Squier P more, it is a blast.

My Paranormal though, has a light satin finish on the neck, stays in tune better than my other instruments. They say it’s the best instrument Squier makes, and I wouldn’t doubt it. I’d rather play it than my Sire or Player Jazz. Great Jazz Bass.

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You mighty want to add “other” or “none” as choices, just to cover more options… or, you could “force” people to make up their minds :grin:

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I have limited buying options so :smiley:
But I’ll add it.

Edit: Had to reset poll, cause 5 mins passed.

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I’ve had bad experiences with Squier myself, so if it were down to just Squier vs. Sire, I’d go Sire. However, you added an “other” option, so I went with that instead because I’m not a big fan of the “jazz bass” style. :slight_smile:

Looks. Feel. Sound. You want all three.

Based on what you’ve said, I vote Squier.

You already said you like the sound better and if you ever want to make changes to the Squier, it will be easy to find options for upgrading. Like getting a new neck or upgrading pickups.


CQ - My Squier has a better neck than most of my other basses, stable as they come. not a single quality issue. That said, this is hit and miss at best for EITHER choice IMO, and cannot be tagged just to Squier.
Painted inlays and binding - So what? Why is this even an issue in this price range, neither effects sound, playability or any other usefully intended function of the bass.
Lacquered neck back - is easily removed with a 3M pad, I have done this twice now, once to my Squier, devine.
Poplar vs. soft maple - Again, so what? What difference does this make to you, today, for basses in this price range.

IMO, for a bass in this pricerange you want TONE and overall quality. Tone you get in spades, quality is bass by bass, not brand by brand.

One other pro - Squiers are more easily modded/upgraded overall (pickguards, tuners/bridges that match aftermarket holes, etc, pickguard options, etc), and more options available.

This should be your deciding factor.

Full discloser, I have limited experience with Sires but was not blown away by the ones I have had in my hands.
I love my Squier Jazz bass


I’m not familiar with either (other than brand familiarity) but that quote said it all to me. Depends on how important “real binding and inlays” are to you, and I can’t judge that. Sire may have better resale? I dunno. Anyway, I understand the importance of looks and such, but an instrument is a tool to make music, and you like the music of the Squier better. Sounds to me like you’d be happier with that. And it’s cheaper! Win-win!

Good luck… (I’m sure you’ll enjoy whichever one you choose)


Well update, ordered Squier CV 70s Jazz in black. Cant wait till February for natural one.

Thanks everybody who helped.


Note that a few months have passed, how are you finding the Squire?

Oh it’s awesome, worth every penny. Holds tuning for weeks. Has awesome sound. Playable af. And looking sweet.


Awesome, a shop has 20% off Squire at the moment and contemplating getting one. Only thing is, I already have a Affinity version from about 8 years ago with a rosewood fingerboard in sunburst that looks pretty sweet, but hearing great things about the Classic Vibe

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Ive also got Affinity PJ new 2021 line recently. They are two different worlds.

I didnt even take the stickers of Affinity, just put it on sale day two after I fixed all of the issues.
CV didnt eve need the setup, and I have no plans to sell it.