Help using DI to record onto Mac

Hey guys, I was hoping to be able to make some recordings so I can post in the covers thread but I am a little confused as to how to hook up my DI. I have a gang of recording gear from a podcast I was working on many years back but that was a little more simple since I was only dealing with a single mic.

Here’s the DI I have (never used this one)

It has two 1/4” L& R inputs and outputs along with L & R XLR outputs. I also have a Soundcraft EPM6 mixer EPM6 | Soundcraft - Professional Audio Mixers

Is it as simple as running my instrument cable out of my bass and into one of the L/R inputs on the DI then running a 1/4” output directly into my computer? Would it be more beneficial to run the DI output into the mixer then to the computer? And what is the difference between using a XLR output vs. the 1/4” output? Will my signal be affected only using one of the L/R inputs on the DI?

I am quite confused and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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Only if your mixing something else in live.
So, for this, no

For these purposes, nothing.
One might also be a “mono” channel.
If not, you also can tell your DAW that’s the line coming in is MONO Vs half of stereo

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@PamPurrs and I put this together for everyone here.
It’s long but useful I think.

There are chapters so you can bounce around.


Awesome! Thank you so much for clearing that up for me, really appreciate it buddy!

Only one more question - since my bass output will run direct into the DI is there any way to monitor myself while playing? My amp doesn’t have outputs so that isn’t an option right now. Is there some kind of splitter with one input and two outputs so I can run one into the DI and the other to headphones/amp? Thanks again!

I’m not sure this is going to work… This Samson box is a DI, not a DAI (Digital Audio Interface). Your computer would need some sort of 1/4" audio input to hook it up. In my experience, those are usually intended for microphone level inputs.


I have 1/4” - 1”8 adapters to plug into my line in on my Mac. This was an old DI that was kicking around my house so if I need to buy a new one I will. Going to experiment tonight after work!

Remember the 1/8 input on your Mac is a headphone input, not a microphone.


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Missed that. Ya you need a DAI

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This is great. I was going to look for instructions on recording tonight! Thanks @John_E and @PamPurrs !


Thanks again everyone for all the help, got an actual DAI coming tomorrow so hopefully I can start posting in the covers thread once I work out all the kinks. Seems I have every piece of audio gear imaginable, except one that hooks up directly to my computer :man_facepalming:. I suppose I could always use my USB mic and mic up the amp but im not sure my wife wants to listen to me play at high volume.

Great info in the video @John_E @PamPurrs for tweaking the tracks in a DAW. Thanks again guys!


Others covered it well, kind of have been meaning to post this for a while though, so I just will… Unless you are running in to a mixer without instrument inputs (rare these days), or need to break a ground loop, DI’s are not super useful for home recording. They are great to have for actual studios (where there may only be line level inputs) or for live play but for home use, what you really want is a DAI.

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