Holy Smokes

As a newbie like NEWBIE JOSH , had no idea

One of the pick up knobs took a turn for the worst. Quick trip down to our local music store on Main Street and the main man took care of me.

The whole reason for this thread is this, he “oiled” the back of my fret board and strings. Never even occurred to me that this would be an option. I am telling ya, it’s a whole new bass!! Will be making a trip back down to the store to ask questions.

  1. How Often
  2. How To Apply
  3. What Brands Do What
  4. What NOT To Do

Do any of you “treat” / “oil” / “slime” your bass instrument ?? Any tips you feel like sharing with us before I head back down there. I appreciate your insights for sure

Be Well ,


You should oil non-sealed fretboards 2x a year or if they look dry (climate dependent).

I’ve never heard of oiling strings per se but there are string applicators that apply mineral oil which help with rusting and finger ease-ing. If that’s your thing you would apply every time you play. I started dining that then rarely now unless I feel like it might help me with something I’m trying to play.

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The only ‘strings’ I’d oil :yum: :spaghetti:


Yo @Mike_NL ,

These links a terrific and very helpful.

The music store guy explained that he does not oil the strings like I thought. All he does is drips a few drops of Dr John’s onto a rag, then wipes down the back for the fret board. Once he is done with that, he quickly gives the neck/strings the once over.

The important point he shared with me is CLEAN the bass with a dry rag FIRST. After the bass is clean, use the oiled rag method and IT DOESN’T TAKE MUCH. Do not over oil the rage for any reason.

Now that my bass is clean, tuned, and feeling brand new, I am just a bad bass player because he took away all my excuses. But the sun was still in my eyes.

Thanx Again Brother Mike ,