How about making the Cover Thread a separate section?

Guys, @terb 's cover thread is going amazingly with over 200 covers per year - I was wondering if it may be time to make it a separate section (like the 50 songs challenge), with each new cover being added as a separate thread? It would make it easier to track individual covers and give feedback. Also if there were a standard thread title, e.g. Song Title (Band ), it may be easier for Terb to complete the end of year report?

Just an idea! As long as the covers keep coming it’s all good :slight_smile:


That thread is such a shining point of showing people progressing into the “plays full songs” part of learning bass.

If I remember correctly, this was talked about when the User Video Index was created and the main people involved with the Cover Videos thread wanted to keep it all in one place. I think part of the idea was that people who might be hesitant about posting their own video would be able to easily see how supportive everybody is and maybe they would be more likely to share.

Or maybe I was worried about the User Video Index becoming disorganized. I don’t remember. It’s been a while. I’ve lightened up about that, a lot. I think I was just worried about creating a whole new part of the forum and having it not work out.

@terb If you want to do anything different with the Post your covers! thread, I’m glad to help however I can.


The problem with one cover per thread is that the tthreads will be really short and there will be hundreds (soon thousands) of them :slight_smile:


I think it would be hard for me to do the annual list and counts if I have to go to hundreds of threads instead of one. I much prefer only one thread, as it is currently.

But if the thread is too long, maybe we could split it into one thread per year, as @JoshFossgreen did for the “introduce yourself” thread ?

That’s a good idea ! But the question is : how would the newcomers know about this format when they post their first cover ?


Maybe an idea would be to create a section like “Post your music” and put into it all our threads about it, like Post your covers , Post your compositions , Post your covers / not bass , 50 songs challenge … also the tutorials like the one made by @PamPurrs and @John_E about recording. I think that @Lanny also created a tutorial, a few years ago.

It would keep the covers on one unique thread (or one per year) but still keep all this kind of thread all together.


Safety in numbers eh? :wink: Yeah I guess that’s a good point. Then again, if there are dozens of threads then that should be enough to encourage , and I think most of the covers are currently produced by the same dozen cover ‘whales’…

Would this really be a problem, though @howard ? I’m not sure if the forum has a maximum number of possible threads per category but it must be pretty high.

Good point @terb :slight_smile:

Yeah there would have to be some kind of sticky at the top of the thread

That would definitely be a good idea - at the moment we have covers going back a few years…


Hey that is a seriously good idea. All these threads play a huge role in the forum IMO and it’s a shame they tend to be floating around in a general category like Bass without even a sticky. Some are also pretty difficult to find as well - hence people (mea culpa :slight_smile: ) posting in the wrong threads, e.g. practice fragments in covers …


Personally I would much prefer separate threads for each cover. For someone like me who’s more interested in the bass playing than the general chit chat, the signal to noise ratio of the current post your covers thread is very low. (Which is why I’m currently 2413 comments behind.)


Agree. You will never be able to find them all.

The user video indices are a good compromise for anything more. .


I like your idea @terb about creating a section for all related. Ask @JoshFossgreen what he thinks. Oh, I just did! Lol

We link to @Lanny’s tutorial in our first post btw


True, but you probably only need to follow the last dozen covers if you visit regularly

It’s not bad but the problem is that users edit their original post and this doesn’t show up as a new post in the feed…

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True - while I like the chat that goes with the thread ( I come for the covers but stay for the conversation :grin:) it can make it more difficult to catch up with a new cover…


Honestly, I like it the way it is.
If you don’t want the chat and only the covers, scroll down. It’s not hard.

Finding all these other threads will be hard for some and you cannot look back. Adding more new threads will make keeping up even harder, and kinda goes against the general protocols of forums, keeping like topics together.

When I first stated I went down the code thread and watched them all. Great motivation.

If any change. Split them by year I guess. But that’s it. Sorry. I don’t like this one thread per cover idea.


I do like the idea of splitting by year too.

I think that splitting by cover, people will also be less inclined to watch covers outside of their own personal tastes. One thing I like about the single thread is I watch almost all covers, and it’s neat to be exposed to people playing things well outside my own listening habits.


Fair point - but the same could be said for the single thread… One thing that the single thread approach has going for it though is that the covers are much more mixed with the chat, which I guess is half the aim :slight_smile:

Even if we don’t have multiple threads for covers, I still think the idea of collecting user produced content e.g. covers, practice, etc into one category merits serious consideration.


Yeah for sure, that’s a great idea.


Wow! Been busy clearing some more land on the property to put up another out building so haven’t gotten on the forum much lately. Hell, haven’t played bass or guitar since before Christmas either…. Hands are too beat up from using chain saws and tractors here….

Anyway, some good suggestions here @Ed and some well thought out ideas from everyone. I like @terb Laurent’s suggestion of trying to possibly put all music topics under one category. At least it would be a start in the right direction. I do wish (and hope) more of the newer players would begin posting though. Sometimes I wonder if many somehow feel “inadequate” - especially on a first cover given the level of growth and experience many of us here have shown over the years since this thread was conceived…. I know that I have scaled back from posting covers here quite a bit this past year and stuck mainly to posting them only on my YouTube channel instead in hopes of seeing more newer players take the plunge here on the B2B forum…

I’m totally amazed in how far this forum (and the “Covers” thread) have grown over the years…. So damn cool!! Next to the “Introduce Yourself”, the Covers thread is right behind and will soon hit that 10k limit…


Hey fam! Thanks for all your ideas, and for caring about the structure of the forum so much! Appreciate it.

I think asking people to create new threads per cover would be super cumbersome and probably cause a lot of issues, especially for newbies who don’t already know the ropes (and those are arguably the people we most want to encourage to post!), so let’s keep it all in a thread.

Threads will get automatically split after 10K posts, as I discovered recently on Introduce Yourself, so that’ll keep things from getting too bloated.

I’m open to making a new Category for ‘post your music’ stuff… the issue is we’ve already got the 50 Songs category and the User Video Index category covering that territory, and it seems like moving the Covers thread etc. into either of those categories would make a mess of things. And I’m hesitant to over-categorize the forum.

What if I just keep a pinned “Top Threads” thread (or a better title than that) in the main Bass category, with links to ongoing threads like Covers, GAS, Show Us Your Basses, etc.?


“Frequently Visited Threads” ?


I think that’s a great compromise. So forum members who don’t visit as regularly will be able to start at the most popular threads first and if they have the willpower they can work their way down to the ‘What kind of gherkins are best on a burger’ thread.