How do I record myself in GarageBand with a streaming Apple Music song as backing track?

Does anyone know how I can add streaming Apple Music songs as a backing track in GarageBand? I’ve only found how to add mp3 files etc.


My guess is you need to download the streaming music to an MP3 file and add it that way, but I am not GB expert, I have only gotten started with it myself.


I downloaded it in Apple Music, and then it finally appeared in the “Add Audio File” dialog in GarageBand, but it was grayed out and didn’t let me select it. Guess it’s a copyright thing.

In the end I used QuickTime Player to record the audio while I was playing the song in Apple Music, and then saved the .m4a file on my laptop. Then I was able to add that file as an audio track in GarageBand. Pain in the arse, but at least it’s working… If you find an easier way then let me know.


Yeah, copyright can make things a pain in the ass, but you can get there with a little (or sometimes a lot) of extra work.


If you want to use Apple Music with GarageBand, you need to download and convert Apple Music to MP3. But it’s not easy to convert Apple Music songs to MP3. Here you can use a tool called TunesKit Audio Converter. It can help you complete the conversion of Apple Music to MP3 with ease.

Or you can just use a loopback audio interface. You do need to buy an app to do this in MacOS though.