How slow are you "progressing" on B2B?

Haha! I pluck my center console!! Good stuff here!


H Midge, I hope that you got back into the groove?
I started on module six at the beginning, after a few hours of procrastination. I vacuumed, tidied my bench watched Trogly as he was reviewing a MIJ signature bass. In fact I ran out of excuses. @eric.kiser graduated, well done Eric and on an acoustic wow :slight_smile: So with no more excuses I jumped back in. It felt a wee bit odd for the first wee bit. Then @JoshFossgreen pulled a funny face or cracked a joke and I relaxed. I’ve done up to lesson 3 and I see ACDC at the end of the lesson I’m looking forward to having that jam. All my fears have melted away and if I get stuck I’m definitely following Josh’s advice and going forward. :slightly_smiling_face: :guitar: :guitar:


Hi Jamie.

I went on a backtrack I can’t believe how much has gone over the space of a month in fact closer to two, anyway played my fingers raw. I was pretty shocked maybe a question for the Neurologist next time. You may claim to have a dense skull, I do too but with the addition of lots of plates and screws to armour plate it but still pushing in the right direction.

Well done on your advancement, I wanted to do a lot more today but I’m in a battle to go back to work. Just finished tonight’s session, back to hand cramps too. Ha ha ha found a young Josh online, no banana and a mop of hair on his bonce (head). His teaching has certainly improved.

Keep going ‘our kid’ (brother, I’m presuming your from the US) I’ll be somewhere behind you pushing hard to catch up, so keep on it so I can’t!.

All the best


I was flying along even after the first slap lesson and then I hit the wall at the slap and pluck :weary: but I will master it. I am determined lol
I think the biggest things that’s really helped I have learnt from Josh is enjoy, relax, have fun and laugh at your mistakes.


Hi Midge, no I’m fae Scotland. However worked abroad 20 yrs so a mishmash.
I bought a guitar glove best ten quid I’ve spent.
Starting module 7 today, module 6 was great fun, will have to revisit though as only got through the medium workouts.
No pain no gain, blood stained fretboard :rofl:
Hope that your back on board :slightly_smiling_face: :guitar: :guitar: @midge1411

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@mac I’m learning to listen to the teacher and pushing myself to my comfort zone. Just think the Berlin wall came down. :rofl:
Jamie :slightly_smiling_face: :guitar: :guitar:

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Well, my progress had been quite steady til module 12 (I’m not counting Billy Jean :sweat_smile:). Slowed down a bit with My Sharona and Red Clay giving me some hard time. I’m still working on them to go through medium and hard.

I’m still going back and forth between those and module 13, which is rather tricky as well :grimacing:


The first few modules were a breeze and I played as long as my fingers allowed me to in the beginning. I annoyed my friends with constantly telling them “my fingers hurt” for 3 or 4 days in a row until it became: “My fingers don’t hurt anymore! And I played for an hour!”

As I already mentioned in other threads I’m in Module 12 (finished yesterday) and the fifth/octave shape still causes my tendons to burn sometime. It got better, because I kept at it as long at it was just discomfort and not pain, but it was the first time after the very beginning I had to stop a lesson because of physical pain. I wondered if my hand position/grip was right, but since it got better every day I think it’s just training.

I am very excited and a bit afraid of the next lesson. I fear slap or if I get that slap & pluck like @mac because doing something different with the right hand seems like a lot to take in at first.

As far as “moving on” while feeling comfortable with the slow workout goes I generally don’t do it. There were some exceptions, but it always felt like it would make sense to train my fingers and coordination. Also after fumbling around with the slow workout for so long that I feel comfortable with it I want to try out the faster speeds and once I start I want to, well… not “nail it” but “give an acceptable performance”.
I seem to have a similiar attitude towards the course as @PamPurrs - I thought I would have enough time anyway because of home office and half time work so that I could manage the hardcore schedule, but after all I decided to progress in my own tempo instead of keeping to a schedule to beat some arbitrary deadline.
The only thing I try to do is to pick up the bass at least once a day. It’s not that I have to force myself to, it’s just the only thing I expect from myself. “Pick it up. If you don’t have fun then stop.” - the second part has yet to happen.

I generally notice that I progress slower since a few modules, especially 2-digit ones but it still doesn’t feel like a roadblock. I’m happy with my progress.

I’ll let you know how slap goes.


Hi Jamie.
Since our last chat I carried on with tab’s just trying to build up speed and coordination, my fretting hand was the initial problem, my little finger so exited to finally have a purpose in life went to war with neighbouring ring finger. Like 2 toddlers fighting over toys. Now its my plucking hand, the faster the tempo the shorter the duration my fingers stay in sync almost like they short circuit. I noticed that in the workouts that Josh seemed to end it just at that moment on the brink of breakdown. Its just the learning curve.

So the night before last inspired by you and Victor Wooten BJ was going to be mastered. I’d seen an interview where he said he’d stay up all night to master a style or technique. So plug in switch on and press play 10 secs page freezes, reloads, repeat to the point where something might get launched. I slowed down the load speed or whatever it is (I know nothing about IT) as advised by their tec guy in the past. Had a tantrum lol, later managed to burn my fingertips pulling a roast out of the oven.

You will have to explain the glove and its benefits.

I’m down in Manchester, well Stockport but bounced about a bit, Cumbria then bigger Cumbria more commonly called Switzerland, Malta/Comino and France. Then fate dealt me a cruel blow, came back for a visit and ended up trapped here.

I waffle and need cigs, so its shops, bluff my way around my connection problem (if I stop responding the tablet will have been launched) grit my teeth and attack BJ burned fingers or not.

Laters Jamie


Half way through B2B and I have started doing the same thing!


Maybe lockdown overload then. Last time it happened BBC tec told me to reduce the load speed to .75 it worked, but not this time even went .50 but iìittt soooouuundds like that.

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Couldn’t find the right post but this one I think is suitable.

I finished the course yesterday.

I left it after module 16 because I wanted to have a bit of a session for a while just sort of playing in general to see where I’d managed to get to - kinda like a review of progress.

And yesterday, I thought I’d finish off the masterclasses at the end.

Have to say the last 2, about the how to practice, what to practice, goals, etc were really good. And I kinda feel bad now it’s over!

However, I’m going to sit down and work out my goal(s) going forward and carry on that way, as I like to have something to work towards.

But I feel kinda empty now! This is awful :slight_smile:

Definitely, hands down the best bass course I’ve ever done, so thank you very much @JoshFossgreen - it’s been a great emotional roller coaster of fun, and has set me up very nicely for going forward.



Yeah. The last module rounds off the experience but it’s still a bit like finishing a really good book and you feel a little bit empty.

I still revisit lessons but mostly I do 5-10 minutes technical exercises and then play whatever my current interest/mood is.
I still have to practice the songs of this band I will go to band practice with.

Where you looking for this thread?


That’s exactly what I do now!

And yes, that’s the thread! Thanks for that - I’ll post it over in that one. Cheers


Nothing more important than keeping it fun.


I’m progressing slowly… and deliberately so.

I started in February, aiming for three months, but I changed plans – I will now actually do a handful of modules twice, to make sure everything sinks in. The added effect of this is that I find that an exercise I had trouble with when I did it the first time, goes a lot smoother than expected when I come around to doing it again after a week or so.

I just started my first run of Module 11 two days ago.


I think you’re probably taking a very wise route @peterhuppertz. I did all but the slap module in around 3 weeks but I am feeling the need to revisit certain modules as some stuff hasn’t sunk in. Especially some of the theory


If you go through it quick you have time to go back. If you go through slow you will likely not need to go back as much. Two paths to the same result. No right or wrong answers, just what works for you.


Yes, I’ve made a few notes of modules that I need to revisit. Slap one is definitely on there - I only got the rudimentary basics of that, but I feel like slap bass is a big enough method to dedicate an entire course on in my opinion. Not sure how far down that path I’m going to go.

I do need to revisit certain stuff to get the shapes locked into my head as well, plus a few more bits and bobs. Plus the ultimate groove workout etc.

I’m going to make a list of things on my laptop to practice and keep note of the progress in all the areas too.


I have had the course for just under a month and just started Mod 6, so I averaging about 1.25 modules a week. So far I only got stuck on Billy Jean, I could do the slow workout but the medium and fast were beyond me at this point. However, I gave it 48 hours of trying the moved on. I plan to stick with that plan for anything else I happen to get stuck on moving forward.