How Terrible has TalkBass Become?

What an absolute joke TalkBass has become… It feels like it is a daycare managed by disgruntled baby sitters… God forbid people want to debate ideas or even worse, disagree with each other… Unbelievable!! I am looking forward to BassBuzz as breath of fresh air…


Yeah, that place is a total mess, train wreck call it what you will.
Many years ago when I first signed up, posed a question, got relentlessly hammered by the “members” and subsequently asked a mod to remove any and all traces of me from that forum, it was granted and I’ve never looked back.
Bass Buzz forum is indeed a breath of fresh air.


Lots of creative regurgitation and shameless invention of informations and sour grapes syndrome makes for pretty volatile environment. I love getting advices for total noob there.

It is a disaster!! I am convinced the admins are the same fan-boys that end up ganging up on guys who dare to have an opinion or want to discuss certain topics, etc. They harass and threaten their own customers… Unbelievable!! I am happily banned!! :innocent:


I’ve always though talkbass was an absolute cesspit of ego and bad advice.

You’ll like it better here; our only real rules are “no politics, no religion”. People otherwise go wildly off topic at will :slight_smile:


I’ve never even signed up.
To be honest I really only look at the humour threads and if I am bored scan the first few posts in gig or gear threads.

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Same here. Pretty much stick to the Gig Disasters, Dad Band Names, and the like.

Every time I see someone ripping on TalkBass I keep thinking they mean TalkingBass and I get confused like “What the hell has Mark done?”.


The evolution I see on a lot of forums is:

  1. Forum is started by someone with love
  2. Forum members share that love and the forum grows
  3. The forum really grows
  4. Forum is now too much to handle by the one person so they start adding moderators
  5. Forum keeps growing

This is a crossroads moment. There are three potential paths from here and, while there are always exceptions, only one of them usually leads to continued quality:

Path 1: The forum owner loses interest and hands complete control to the mods.
Path 2: The forum owner continues to be involved but has delegated most management to mods and doesn’t keep track of what they’re doing.
Path 3: The owner is heavily involved and keeps a tight leash on the mods.

Path 1 and 2 always leads to mods bringing in their friends to moderate…who in turn bring in their friends and so on. Even if the owner is still somewhat involved in the day to day, he/she doesn’t have the guts to get rid of problem mods. They don’t want the drama or are just afraid of confrontation or whatever. End result, they’d rather lose a few hundred forum members than ban 1 bad mod.

In path 3, the owner is making sure that the people in charge not only follow the rules but continue to share the original goals and passion. On a long enough timeline, the majority of forums will go along path 1 or 2. In cases like BassBuzz where the forums are representations of a product that the owner sells, the owner will almost always be following path 3 because it drives business. It’s a marketing tool and a very effective one at that. It’s why BB forums are so awesome compared to TalkBass. It’s an entirely different motivation at the core.


I like this as a concept and term. I haven’t heard it before, but there is something uncannily accurate about this for describing any one of us one-time rockers who did the time, grinded the grind, yet - somehow - didn’t end up with private planes, platinum albums and superbowl half-time shows.

Collect a handful of that energy and concentrate it?
hard times.

Once we’ve come to terms with our lives, accepted our choices, made peace with our lack of rock-stardom… we can join the BB forum and enjoy a life of peace, tranquility and unity.

Such is my utopian forum dream.


I think the coolest thing here is there is a ton of established members but we also love having new people come on board :+1:


As one of the newbs, it isn’t so much the fact that there are long time members, but it is important that those long time members are as patient and gentle with us as you all are.


Name one, :joy:


But because we are bassists (or soon will be) it’s all about sex, drugs and rock’n roll, right?

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Could I have a time-frame on that please?


If I understand Josh right, that would be after finishing Lesson 16 :slight_smile:

You can start with the non-Rock’n Roll part, independent of BassBuzz though, if you already haven’t…

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Sex: I have 2 kids…so I’ve had to have done it at least twice.
Drugs: B12 supplements and near-daily ibuprofen
Rock and Roll: I rolled over in bed the other night and hurt my back so I sat there rocking for a few minutes trying to make the pain go away so I could go back to sleep


I can’t comment on the sex and drugs part, but the same thing happened to me: “I rolled over in bed the other night and hurt my back I sat there rocking for a few minutes”


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I have 3 kids, but only did sex twice as two of them are twins…this meant an extra 10 minutes playing bass… well…it may have been less but im sticking with ten…


For what it’s worth, you have guru status here :wink: