How to Record Myself (sound and image) Playing Bass to Backing Track

I want to do something simple, yet I am confused as to how to achieve it. I want to record myself playing bass to backing tracks (from my Mac) or lessons from bassbuzz (I use the internet through my TV). My iPhone is horrible for the sound part, only really picking up the backing track or lesson. Someone recommended the Focusrite Scarlett interface, and said to plug my bass into that, record my music (but it won’t get the backing track coming from my Mac or lesson playing off the TV [Internet], right?) and then take my iPhone video and mix the two together. Sounds like a lot of work to just record little ol’ me fumbling through a lesson (I want to see my progress over time). Any ideas to keep this simple?


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There’s a few threads going that address this topic that may be helpful for you. Here’s a good place to start:

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Thanks! Forgot to mention that I have the Fender Rumble 40 bass amp, if that fits at all into the equation.


Excellent choice!

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Another thread about pretty much the same topic:

Probably more to be found using the forum search function!

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Hi @NathalieT,
If you have a Mac ,
The easiest way is to drop the track into garageband and record a second track running parallel to it.
You can get a cheap digital audio interface and plug your bass directly into it, it plugs into your Mac, then you plug headphones into the Mac and listen to the track you are playing along with.
I use photo booth to video myself while recording and then mix the recorded music and video together using iMovie,
If you click on one of my covers and go to the website, Bill @Griff has a full tutorial on how to record using Mac , garageband,
Hope this helps,
Cheers Brian


I use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and my iphone 11pro. It works awesome, but it took a lot of research to get the right cables I needed to make it happen. I use a PC so I have the 2i2 connected via USB.
2. I use this splitter that goes to the L and R at the back of the 2i2

3. I connect the microphone end of this TRS splitter to the one in the pic above and the other end goes into my iphone via the little dongle adapter (since my phone doesn’t have a headphone jack input)

I hope that makes sense LOL. If you have any questions, you can PM me. It looks more confusing than it is, but it works perfect. Sound comes directly from the 2i2 into my phone and is crystal clear. You might need to adjust the settings on the 2i2 to get it how you want, but that’s how I do it.