I accidentally “ordered” a bass

The strangest thing happened.

I was surfing Reverb recently and ran across AIO basses for sale. They were Fender clones that looked attractive, and most were priced at under $500, with free shipping, which was appealing.

So I went directly to the AIO (All In One Guitars) site to check them out in more detail. As an experiment, I added a bass to the cart. My purpose for doing this was to see if AIO would charge sales tax outside of California, where the company’s located.

To avoid entering any credit card info, I chose PayPal as a payment source, intending to get to a bottom line price that either did, or did not, include sales tax.

Note: I have followed this procedure many times before when researching the total cost of an item, and have not had a problem.

But not this time.

I DID NOT tap any purchase button on either the PayPal site or AIO’s site. Instead, I closed all open tabs. Again, I’ve followed these steps many times before under similar circumstances.

No big deal, right? Wrong.

Next thing I know, I have a purchase confirmation email from AIO and an email receipt from PayPal for the “purchase” of a bass. Incidentally, I actually got a second email from AIO, this one asking me how I would like by new bass set up, which was nice. It turns out that doing custom setups on purchased guitars/basses is a big differentiator and selling point for AIO.

Anyway, I immediately replied to the confirmation email and said I needed to cancel the order, and instructed them to refund my money immediately.

All of this happened very late last night, so I didn’t expect any response, much less a resolution, until Monday.

But, lo, and behold, within the hour, I received a refund notification email from AIO and one from PayPal. Yeah, baby!

Bottom line, I have no clue why or how this “order” got authorized through PayPal. Also, I don’t know why an AIO rep was manning incoming orders late on a Saturday night, but I’m very glad and grateful he was. What could have blossomed into a potentially costly PITA was resolved quickly and with no drama.

A close call was averted. And I still don’t know how it happened to begin with.


Say no more… :crazy_face:

Well, I think fate wanted you to have a great bass with a “custom” set-up at a great price, but you didn’t see the signs :wink:

Here’s mine:


Man I hate it when this happens. Think I had this issue 5 times in a row.

But I didnt cancel :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Lol! I picked that same model, but the dark red version. They are very attractive basses. Congrats on yours!

I was just browsing, though.

My new Sire P5 in Dakota Red will ship this week and I’m excited to finally get it.


On the bright side, you could’ve been “browsing” a Sandberg or a Mike Lull or a Ken Smith… :rofl:

  1. Oopsie!
  2. Oopsie!
  3. Oopsie!
  4. Oopsie!
  5. Oopsie

:laughing: :joy: :rofl:


Or a Fodera. Or an American Sadowsky. Or a Mayones.

Wait…too late for the last one. :roll_eyes:


I also accidentally bought a bass on Reverb Saturday night, but I’m blaming that one on the beer! :laughing:


Well, libations are often the lead foot on the GAS pedal, no doubt.

But I made sure to keep my wallet under the speed limit last night. Don’t know how things ended up in the ditch anyway. :thinking:


I’ve setup two factor authentication with PayPal. When I order with it, I have to login on my phone and generate a code, which PayPal prompts me for. No getting into the app without it.

So no mistakes can be made. I had PayPal hacked once, cleaned out my account, which I got all back but was a hassle. This stops that.


Man, you got me browsing these guys again! I’ve visited these sites many times. Beautiful stuff.

I dig this Sandberg a lot! Sexy beast, it is.


Excellent. I will definitely do that after this potentially catastrophic event.

How the hell could this ”purchase” have gone through without my authorization, though?!

I just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else who might not notice the confirmation email until it’s way too late to slam on the brakes.


Funny, but I’ve used a similar story with Sara to explain the arrival of a new bass :smiley_cat:


I almost ordered a PJB C2 cab recently under some undue influence :smile:

(It’s gonna happen soon anyway)


PayPal makes it easy to choose “one click” purchase so you don’t have to go through several screens when ordering online, so it’s simple like a credit card. You probably clicked through a screen once upon a time and let it default to one click.

I prefer to go through the screens just in case.

The way it works is I have two factor setup, so when I order it texts a 6 digit code to my phone, which I have to then enter into the prompt. Pretty easy


@Wombat-metal That’s a possibility, man. It might have been an AIO-initiated one-click purchase path thing, too. Dunno.

But I’m definitely going the two factor authentication route from now on, just to be on the safe side.


Lol, it’s a tried and true MO: beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission.


I have 2FA enabled for everything! The extra step is a bit of a pain, but IMO it’s worth the peace of mind!


Makes sense. :raised_hands:


The “One Click” enabling link for Paypal is right next to the normal login button and I have clicked it accidentally (and had to revert it) several times.