I’m so excited I’m getting a fiber internet tomorrow

I’m currently using charter/spectrum internet and it’s been really bad beyond bad. We have to reset the router and modem a couple of times an hour. I’m using Eero mesh Wi-Fi. I don’t remember the last time I’m streaming a movie and watch I’m the entire movie without interruptions.

I have 200 mbps plan but normally get about 70-90 mbps. I’m paying through the nose with the plan. My restaurant has the same cable company and we have a gigabit plan and usually get around 600mbps. I could definitely live with that. It sucks but still much better than satellite and AT&T.

Tomorrow I’m getting a 2 gigabit fiber internet install at home as well as the mesh pro 6e routers. I pray to Olathe internet god that this would end my suffering. On the paper it’s supposed to be Really fantastic and less interruptions.

I hope to return to this thread tomorrow with a great news. Finger crossed :crossed_fingers:


Nice! :slightly_smiling_face:
Tried to get fibre recently, but apparently they can’t (be bothered to) get a line to my property :confused:

Stuck with the regular old phone line and 65 down 10 up whether I like it or not apparently :laughing:


When I got this 10 years ago, it was fantastic :rofl:


Today not so much, and I can’t upgrade until my building decides to.



Annoyingly, if I use the usual broadband

VS. If I go sit in the car and get 5G



600 mbps sounds like a wet dream, I used to get 25 mbps but more recently I get around 60-80 mbps. Upload has always been very low.


@Al1885 I’ve got Verizon Fios 1Gig
This morning here is where the wifi is sitting, with a zoom going in one room and the Apple TV streaming HULU

As I’m sure you know, 2Gig doesn’t mean you get it (such a dumb way to market. It means that’s what’s coming to your area and possible (and by possible they mean never achievable).
Hardwired usually faster, can be upwards of 475 at times but 330-370 is about what I see in general.

Be interesting to see what you get with the new 2Gig as I was thinking of upgrading.

I’ve got a LOT of crap hanging on my wifi


@Al1885 I’m one hour from you (60 miles) and stuck with Spectrum and the same issues. A few people in my townhouse complex got fiber a few years ago, but now (and I check often) it is not available here with any carrier. Another reason to hate you… Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Congrats.


I have been uploading pics to my sax website the last day and a half and noticed it was super slow. My PC is hardwired, here is the test result for that…

Blazing fast download, but WTH on the upload? Weird.
Wonder if Sonos gets in the way of that or something.
Mysteries of the interwebs.

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Well, I pre-ordered the Wyze mesh pro 6e. It is technically faster than cable on paper, and it’s symmetrical up and down. As for the up to 2 gigs believe me I’d be happy if I get any where near half of what it offer, and if I do get more than a gig to a nice say 1.5g, I’d go up all the way to the max of what they offer which is 5 gbps.

We have never had any kind of decent service here and we tried 3 different companies and as bad as spectrum, they are still the best so far. As I’m typing this my internet went out twice, so bad that I have to turn on my hot spot. Hmmm!

What I’m excited to see is the upload I’ve never seen anything more than 50 mbps and that’s from my phone, so to even see a triple digits upload would be tear jerker, :joy:

Don’t let the number fool you it really sucks.

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Have you check Frontier? Hopefully it’s ready for you. It’s actually a great deal. $99 per month for 2 gig free installation and they give you the triband eero pro 6e for free plus $200 visa gift card.

I’m paying about $350 per month with cable so if it’s half way decent with speed I’d be upping the plan to $159 / 5 gbps and ditch the landline.


@Al1885 Frontier is the fiber carrier here, but no luck at this time. I’ll just use yours when I come for my recording lesson around lunch time.


I have no idea how the networks in America work, but I often see people talking about services, find it utterly bizarre so many people in similar areas/practically next door neighbours, can’t get the same services sometimes :thinking: lol

That is weird :laughing:
I used to work as a telecoms engineer, but with that download speed, definitely isn’t copper wire :rofl: I never got onto full fibre, so I can’t explain that one :joy:

I’d be happy if my upload was even two digits (before the decimal point) :rofl:


Internet providers provide services for neighborhoods/areas that are willing to pay for the infrastructure costs of installing it.

For example, my subdivision (houses built by a developer) made a contract 20 years ago with Suddenlink to provide 1 gig Internet service. That’s the fastest available, and what I have.

AT&T 1 gig fiber Internet is available to homes close to my house, but not here. So I called to find out why.

AT&T said that the majority of homes in my subdivision would need to commit to using their fiber service before they would spend the money to bury lines here.


…if I were willing to pony up $15000-20000, they would gladly run a fiber line to my house.

What a deal! :roll_eyes:


Make sure you bring large files to upload, :joy:


You guys are spoiled. I have a Uverse plan I got 10 years ago and have never bothered to upgrade. We have fiber available in my area since last year. Maybe one of these days I upgrade.


I had U-Verse 1 gig fiber at my last house. Loved it.

I wish I could get it at the new house, but no go. The whole damn neighborhood would have to subscribe to it before AT&T would trench it in.



The tech has been here for about an hour now trying to figure out where to bring the fiber optic cable from the pole 2 doors down from me. There are a few permissions and logistics. Finally everyone gave me the thumbs up so hopefully it will be done today, finger crossed :crossed_fingers:


So far so good the wiring from the outside poles are done as well as running the fiber optic cable from under the house. They seem to do the right thing running the fiber optic all the way to the modem, the purest form factor. So stage 1 is complete, next is to connect to the modem and router then turn on the internet. Yeah!


Finally! Well not quite, a little glitch. He didn’t bring the Eero Pro 6e just the pro 6 which is a gigabit router but wired is blazing fast Wi-Fi about half which is really weird. I was supposed to get one but he’s giving me 2 which is a $400 combo I’m pretty stoked about it, slipped him a hundred for all he did climbing the pole and all lol.

The wi-fi speed about 500-600 download and upload is about almost the same. Wired about 940 each way. I’m not complaining, :joy: He’s coming back tomorrow with a new modem and 2 6e router. Hopefully, I’d get even faster result tomorrow.

Pic or it didn’t happen

Btw, this pictures upload took about 4 seconds on my M1 iPad Pro. I’ve never had this OMG I’m crying.


Questions please.

Here’s the situation I now have 3 eero pro 6e each has a 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port and a 1 gigabit port. The main is connected to the modem using 2.5 gbps only leave a gigabits port if I backhual the second router it would be via a gigabit port so the second router would not get the 2 gigabits of wired signal.

If I add the 2.5 gigabit switch where in the chain would it go in order for me to use the 2 gigabit speed or it’s not possible. Here’s the what I have.

Thank you. I’m so confused :joy:

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