I miss Toby

It’s okay, @booker_t, nobody expects you to fix this or anything. It just is what it is. The link you posted doesn’t work for me because I’m outside of the US. When I try to use services like Western Union, MoneyGram or TouchPayDirect, I obviously get different fields to fill out than someone in the US. It’s just frustrating for me, but none of this is your fault. We appreciate your efforts. It’s just one of those things.


@Mike_NL Didn’t think that at all, and not the message being conveyed. I just like to " address it, figure it out, and get it done…" International folks, direct message me when you’d like to send him a little something. Put your name (actual and/or forum) and I’d be happy to send the amount that you like, just at some point take care of an animal. I don’t need any proof of donation. If I can’t trust someone here, I’ll wish them horrible evil and infestation. You can email him and let him know it’s coming and I’ll do the same to let him know that it’s from the name provided.


Some update from Toby (T_dub), especially for those who remember Toby from many a long post on bass and life.

While he originally tried to get transferred from Arizona to CA to make it easier for his family to visit (his folks are close to 90, IIRC), he decided to stay put as he got the possibility to get involved in a program training dogs (which could be a valuable long-term “investment” for Toby). They have finally got the puppies a few weeks ago and started with the training.

I don’t know exactly what technical and administrative burdens needed to be overcome, but Toby got a photo with him and “his” puppy to his mom who sent it on to me. He asked me to share it with the forum along with his best regards:

Toby also mentioned they are slated to receive a few basses and he has plans to teach bass to anyone who is interested :joy: Good to hear he is keeping busy!!

Perhaps Jesse (@Reasonably_Happy) or Booker (@booker_t) have additional updates worth sharing!?


Toby’s story here on the forum happened before I joined. I love the support that you guys show for him. And those are two cools dogs! :hugs:


Thanks for updating us @joergkutter

Toby is looking great, everything considered.


twins :rofl:


I email Toby fairly regularly and he keeps me updated on the dogs and basses. I’ve tried to go down to visit him in Tucson, but they refuse to let me bring in my text-to-speech device, which is my only way to communicate since I lost my ability to speak. Nonetheless, Toby seems as content as possible, given his circumstances.


He’s a good guy that got caught up in a bad situation. He’ll be back.


Thanks for the updates @joergkutter and @PamPurrs!