I posted on the Facebook Bass Players and Beginning Bass Players that I was taking the BassBuzz course and

… everyone is happy and stoked about it! :slight_smile:
Since Facebook is the way it is (ok at times, dumpster fire at other times), I was expecting some negative posts or people having issues with Josh’s course or… something. But no, 99.99% of the people that have replied to my posts think it’s great and support it. A lot of people on both pages have even said they’ve taken his course and love it. I was real happy with this and now super glad I got the course!
It was actually a post I read last week in the Facebook Bass Players page that convinced me to get the course.
I’m half way through Module 2 and am enjoying the journey!
Bass On~!
(I didn’t know where to post this so I hope this place is ok for it. :stuck_out_tongue: )


@komikino I can genuinely say that @JoshFossgreen has changed my life for the better.

That isn’t a throwaway remark. I’ve gone from never playing an instrument as an older adult to playing in a band in 3 years.

A lot of the internet is a dumpster fire. This is not.

Welcome and if you haven’t already introduce yourself here.


I am liking this place… A LOT!
I did introduce myself in that thread last Friday right after I joined!
I am glad to be here. :slight_smile:


pretty much most of my motivation to play comes from this forum. It’s very fun to share progress and be encouraged by others. I have played piano, violin, guitar, drums, and gave up on all of them. Hadn’t played an instrument seriously in over a decade until I found Bassbuzz and this forum. Going on my 3rd year playing bass now and my progress has been personally amazing. Couldn’t be happier. Stick around, I don’t think you’ll regret it


I saw yr post on Bass Players earlier today. I was wondering if it was someone here. Very cool.


Same here!


Same here. Coming back to music has become one of the great and consistent joys in my life. If it wasn’t for @JoshFossgreen, the B2B course, and this forum, I really don’t think I would have found my way back to it.


A really great investment. Never having played anything, ( but always secretly desiring to ) i had a really plausible fear of absolutely failing.
This program is fantastic, it allows you to move at your own pace and Josh does a great job of teaching without losing you in the details.

For me, one of the real high points in this was the support in answering silly questions from an absolute newbie-not only from Josh in the lessons, but from the forum as well.

Best of luck with the lessons, it’s pretty hard to be disappointed with the results.


I think that this represents the experience for a lot of us - this forum is very good, no sniping or trying to belittle people who are at the start of their journey. Just encouragement, support and people helping when you ask a question.

I picked up a bass last August, signed up for the course and now I’m putting a covers band together. How cool is that? This time last year I wouldn’t have even considered such a possibility, now I can (more or less) play bass, providing the songs aren’t too complicated and I can hold my own with other musicians. I mean, wow!!

It would be great is you could post a link to your FB post, @komikino, I chime in there too!


If the posters initials are “R and S” that would be me. :slight_smile:


That’s good to hear! Can’t wait to see how I progress with this.


I’m glad it brought you back!


One thing I like is his positive attitude. It’s great. When a course finishes, he ends it with a smile and saying that you did great (even if you really didn’t do anything :stuck_out_tongue: ).


The record goes 'round again . . . I’ll be 40 this year and I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument and jam out with other people. Other than dabbling a bit when I was younger, I have no real musical background aside from elementary school music class. “Sweet recorder, bro.” (Those were the little plastic flute things we all got in the '80’s/'90’s) My fiancee got me the B2B lessons for Christmas after I started piddling around with an old bass (seriously, 15 years or more sitting in my closet) and Youtube videos. I started the course January 1st (finished beginning of March) and since then I’ve been playing pretty much every day. The course made the bass accessible to me and the forum is great resource. Everybody is friendly and helpful, and you can learn a lot. Just the other week I asked a question about a bass amp and a lot of people just started chiming in with useful info and taking their time to help me. And for no reason other than they’re kind and there’s a good vibe in here. Check out the covers too; there are some really good bassists and a cool variety that I find helps me try different artists or genres. I’m four months in and I’m surprised at my progress. I’ve always been useless musically and I’m already jamming with my brother and other friends. It’s cool too because, now that I’ve put in some work and seen some progress, I’m way more motivated to play and keep getting better. Enjoy the lessons. Well worthwhile.


Absolutely. Being diagnosed with ADHD makes it hard for me to learn things in a certain and more traditional way.
@JoshFossgreen caught my eye and heart from the very beginning (I know it takes me forever to finish the course and I’m feeling so bad about it lol) but I can learn from him and I’m very grateful.
It’s what separates him from other certain figures that semivlog seminoodle with minimal teaching whatsoever.
I wish I finish the course before I get so old :rofl:


Josh stays focused on the task at hand for the most part, which helps… with just enough of a smattering of squirrel chasing (music theory snippets) to keep the dopamine hits coming.


You aren’t alone in this. I got b2b because I’m so,so afraid of actually being outside or near other people. The idea of going into a guitar center or some other place where i would get in person lessons was terrifying. I don’t know if that’s add, adhd, some other alphabet issue or me just being lame-but it’s very real to me.
Being able to learn without that outside stimulus is the only reason i was able to do it-and it took me 6 months to get through the course doing an hour a day-every day. ( mostly because i kept backtracking to make sure i was doing it right).
The pace you keep and the way you learn is unique to you. And it’s nothing short of normal to wish to learn faster. That Being said, look at how far you’ve come already. The fact that you are doing this means it is successful, and that’s a great foundation to build on!

Keep making that noise, my friend. I promise you that you can do this.


I would not even attempted to pick up the bass if not for Josh. Watching his videos at lunch while at work. He convinced me after about 8 or 10 of his YouTube videos.


Ah, R.S.! Your post got a lot of traction on Beginner Bass Players. Good to see you here.
–B.F. :smile:


Definitely, I’m about half way through now and the structure is really working for me. He’s teaching some great concepts but in a bitesize way so it doesn’t feel overwhelming :+1:

I don’t think I would have chosen to learn any theory but I’m really glad to be picking up the bits that are included.

I’m also really glad I dropped into this forum, it gives me added incentive to continue and get deeper into things. I love seeing that people are progressing, recording themselves, starting bands etc.