Idiot-Proof Beginner Slap Bass (Every F**king Detail You Need to Get Started)

Ok will do thanks @JoshFossgreen

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I’ll have to keep working on it, it just feels really unnatural after having the wrong technique ingrained.

The slap certainly sounds less solid than it should.

…if ( or should I say when?) I get to double thumb I’ll send you over a cold one Josh! For now my hand and brain just laugh at me mockingly when I attempt it!

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Wow I actually got a slap sound out of my bass… I really didnt expect to be able to do that… That was alot more fun than expected lol.

Hey @Jazzbass19 try it you never know you might enjoy it. I was very suprised.


Thank you, @locket . . . :slight_smile: . . . I’m glad that you’ve started making progress!