Im a beginner and need help with gear

I want to get into bass but i also want to have the audio through my pc
here’s what im going to buy:

I would like to know how i connect it to my pc with the least delay


Hi @Hobo ! Welcome to BassBuzz!

Can you give us more information on what you’re trying to do by running the audio through your PC?

For instance, if you want to be able to record, you can use an audio interface. But, if you are trying to hear lessons and your playing through headphones, you can run an Aux cable from your PC to the Aux input on the Rumble 40. Then you can hear both through headphones connected to the Rumble 40.

There are lots of different options depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish.


I would like to do both @eric.kiser

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The main reason I asked that is because there’s a significant jump in cost and complexity that comes with recording.

For hearing yourself through the amp, you can use any Aux cable and earbuds or headphones (as long as they have good bass response).

When it comes to recording you can go with a something on the simpler end such as the Joyo Momix Pro or the Roland Go Mixer Pro X. Either of these devices can be used to connect to PC/Mac/phone for recording audio and video. @Al1885 has used some version of both of these and his recordings are really good.

If you’re more comfortable with computers, you can go with a more typical audio interface. Something like this, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. If you go this route, you don’t even need an amp unless you plan to play with others. You would be able to hear your bass just fine with a set of speakers.


Yeah I was going to jump in. You can go conventional and get your rumble 40 and bass then go to Focusrite factory store and pickup the Scarletts for very reasonable price and have both. Here’s an example

Like @eric.kiser said if you want to do cover video going with the JoYo mixer or Roland go mixer pro is a great way to go because you can use your phone to record your music and video. Currently, I’m using zoom Q8n 4k while the video quality is not great compared to the iPhone 15 pro max the Q8n is known for superb audio quality and flexibility.

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If i were to go with the JoYo Momix Pro how would i go about setting it up @Al1885


Hey thanks Eric. I really appreciate it i had no idea about any of this

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Hello @Hobo and welcome aboard!

Two of our members made a guide on how to record yourself and what you need to do in order to get ready. There’s tons of good information, tips and tricks to get you started here.

One more question. If i were to use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 could I hear my pc audio and the bass @Al1885


Well, it comes with USB type C to Type C and I believe Type C to Lightning, for sure the Roland comes with lighting adapter cable but to micro USB, not great, mine broke about 10 hours of use over a few months.

It has connection to several instruments and monitor out as well as headphones jack.

There’s a little sequence to connect the phone to the MoMix it’s either connect the cable then launch the app or the other way around. If not it’s just records through the phone mic. I did that for a while, as always it helps to read the manual, :rofl:

I connected using Ashdown TonePocket just to add a little buffer.

This is the cover I did using the JoYo Momix and Iphone 12 pro max I was using front facing camera so for sure it’s not 4K plus I didn’t upload in max quality, I was still fresh using youtube, lol. I edited on my iPhone using Roland 4Xcamera app. it was really easy then finished up in iMovie.

This is the last cover I did, using Zoom Q8N 4K and edited in Final Cut Pro X iPad Pro version.

Let me know if you have any questions.

This is headphone only as far as the connection are concern. You can just get a pair of Presonus ERIS and have yourself a pretty decent setup. If you are not interested in making any video then your original plan plus the Scarlette solo 3rd gen is a great plan. Then it’s just your PC doing all of the legwork.

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Yes. it requires a speaker/ monitors or line out to amp.

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Is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 an output source on your pc so I can hear it through my headphones connected to my pc. my headphones are USB


Mine is the 4i4 and it has usb c to my Mac and 1/4” headphone jack. I just use the adapter. If you have USB headphone then you definitely need an adapter.

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I am also a beginner and started with the PreSonus AudioBox USB 96K 25th Anniversary audio interface. It s#cked - distortions and latency were an issue.

Then I read a lot of reviews and it boiled down to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (4th Generation) and the Motu M4. Both are great, both have minimal latency.
The Focusrite is more recent but I chose the Motu M4 because of the slightly better latency, the monitoring feature and the (in my opionion) better design. The M4 has also a loopback feature that I have not used.

I choose a PA system as I wanted a neutral sound, cause I use the audio interface to play the bass with effects (BIAS FX, Amplitube, TH-U and Tonelib). Any colouring of the sound by a cab would be counterproductive, in my opinion.

Here I had the Positive Grid Cab first, which also s#cked, as it had a noticeable hum.
Now I have the JBL EON 710, which sounds very neutral, has enough bass for practicing and can be optimized for the room using the built-in DSP and REW.

I haven’t made a cover video yet (shame on me!), but as I work quite a lot with video professionally, I can confidently say that it will be no problem with either audio interfaces to record a video for your cover. In my case I will probably choose to use either a phone or an actioncam to record video and merge the audio from the PC/audio interface audio, so I have best audio/video quality. Of course you could also use a webcam on your PC (like one of the better Logiotechs).

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I think I’ve settled on this

Thank you to @Nebel @Al1885 @eric.kiser for helping me

Please leave any suggestions as I’ll not be buying this till the end of the week


I would get a Austrian Audio Hi-X60 instead of the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro.
The Beyerdynamic is surely good (enough) but the Austrian Audio is another dimension - and very very very analytical.
I notice everything wrong in music (not only my own playing but especially in audio production of tracks I own).
Please note that you have to get used to monitoring headphones as they do not sound as “pleasant” as consumer head phones in the beginning…

No speakers/cab/PA?
Playing with head phones is ok, but you (and your neighbours) will miss the “feel” of bass soon…

Oh, and for instrument cables I have noticed that longer is better. I had 3m and could not move to wherever I wanted. So now I have 5m and I wish I had purchased 7m :slight_smile:

I got the Fender Kabel Deluxe Series angled version, as the angled plug is not in the way when playing - and the plug is not noisy when moving.


The Austrian Audio Hi-X60 is a bit out of my budget any other alternatives

Also is this the cable

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I understand - I’m a bit of a head phone freak myself, but you will make no mistake with the Beyerdynamic!

Yes, that is the cable. You can get them in black and also tweed, which look surpringly cool.
The angled version is for me especially good, as the non-angled version gets in the way with my leg when playing my little bass on the sofa. Might not be the case with your bass, but angled has no disadvantages in my opinion, so why not?

Again, longer cables give you a much better degree of freedom, even when you think you don’t need it right now!


I have around £160 for headphones anything you recommend?

I currently have this headset

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Stick with Beyerdynamic the cheap DT770, sell the Arctis and save some money for a PA speaker :slight_smile:

I saw that you get the Focusrite? Good? You’ll be missing on effects soon :slight_smile:

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