I'm new to bass

I’ve never played bass before and now that I’m in my teens I want to become a bass player but I’ve heard that it’s painful to play bass can someone tell me how to make it less painful


it is not painful


Welcome, @Kyle_Downs777. Glad you’re here.

First, congratulations on wanting to learn to play bass. Second, don’t worry about it being painful. Whoever told you that does you a disservice.

That said, a new player’s fingers, hands and arms will need some time to acclimate themselves to this new thing you’re asking them to do.

Think of it this way: If you go to a gym as an exercise newbie, your muscles will likely feel sore after the exertions you put them through. This is normal and to be expected.

Your brand new bass playing fingers, hand and arm muscles will also feel a bit of soreness for a while. It’s no big thing and every new player goes through it. Just keep at it and your body will soon get used to it, especially at your young age.

Lastly, if you haven’t signed up for the Beginner to Badass course, do it now. It is the very best way to get up and playing in no time. Good luck.


Hey @Kyle_Downs777 welcome. Playing / learning bass isn’t painful.

The only painful thing is trying to explain to old guys like me and @howard what TikTok / Twitch etc are.


Other than some muscle soreness from overdoing it with too much practice in one sitting, I haven’t experienced any problems. Especially when compared to the finger slicing you get from learning 6 string guitar. Those tiny, toy-like strings will shred your fingers something fierce when starting out. Bass guitar? Not at all.

Unless you string your bass guitar with normal guitar strings. Then that’s weird, that’s on you and we’ll all judge you.


Learning to play bass is a pleasure.
I also agree with the following quoted statement:


Welcome @Kyle_Downs777

It’s relatively easy to become a good bass player it’s take a life time to be a master at one.

Playing and learning to play is not painful at all there’s not much callus to buildup unlike guitars playing. Understandably, beginners tend to press down too hard and get soreness on their fingertips but that’s pretty much the extent of the pain.

That said I’ve had blisters from practicing before and have painted my fingerboard with my blood before as a sacrificial offering to the bass goddess, lol.

We are the most in demand position in the band. There’s no song without a bass, lol.



Welcome @Kyle_Downs777 ! You have nothing to fear. Just follow Beginner 2 Badass and listen to the wise members of this forum. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

What Howard said. It’s not painful. Perhaps at first as your hands/arms become adjusted to a new instrument, but it shouldn’t be painful whatsoever to play the bass. Applying too much pressure on the strings while fretting can strain your fingers but that doesn’t seem to last too long. Perhaps what they meant is that it is mentally painful which it absolutely can be, just like any new instrument you learn. Take B2B, go slow, win.

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The only pain I have ever had is in my finger but you build calluses pretty quick.

It is nothing compared to guitar. Now that’s painful.

Hi @Kyle_Downs777 and welcome. As a beginner myself, I can tell you the muscle soreness is tolerable and it fades away the more you practice, while I haven’t noticed any particular problem in my fingers. I would just recommend not overdoing, but building your resistance progressively. I tend to play sitting to ease things on my shoulders (use a strap even when sitting!) but at some point you will want to play with others and therefore you need to stand. Get the widest strap you can afford (many people here recommend Levy’s 4.5" leather straps) and enjoy the process, you’ll be badass in no time!


Hi @Kyle_Downs777,

Feel free to introduce yourself at Introduce Yourself! (2023)

Also, pain is a vague topic - try seeing it more like an experiment. For example, fretting hand mistakes can lead to pain, so it’s not about “bass”, it’s about you and the bass. :slight_smile:

Absolutely cool that you want to play bass!



:rofl: I’m in the same camp.

Not much more to add that hasn’t already been said.

Take it steady and build up both the muscles and calluses. I would add that if at any time muscles or tendons begin hurting then stop. Build up steadily and make sure you have the bass slung at a comfortable height (rather than a heavy metal hero low slung height). I’ve been playing nearly 6 months now and I can do maybe 3-4 hours of practice comfortably in one sitting. Certainly couldn’t do that to start with.

The only pain I suffer now is maybe a little soreness in my picking fingers after and very long session (do yourself a favour and play light - if you want loud that’s what the volume control is for!). The only other pain is in my arthritic pinky fretting finger and as a teen I hope you’ll not have that one for many years to come! :rofl:

@Kyle_Downs777 As with you I too am new to bass, only difference is that you have the advantage of youth; I am several decades difference in age.
Enjoy the journey including the tough and frustrating times… for time spent in that state of mind will be a teacher to you in your later years of play (and not just playing the bass.)

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