I'm Sore!

Can anybody help this old guy out? During hour long lessons I sit on this neat little stool I bought, but after 20 minutes I am hurting all over, and end up with sore bottom and back. Can anyone recommend a good seating solution that is bass friendly? I don’t drink or do drugs (just Tylenol), I need something comfy!


Have you tried a combination of standing and sitting? I have a drum throne that I sit on occasionally, but I stand most of the time because it feels more natural to me. I take periodic breaks in between switching between the drum throne and standing. My body is 70 years old, although I am much younger than that, but I have to adapt to my body being older than me.

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Yes, I do stand a bit just to shift the pain around! I’m glad you can relate. I’m still 71 for two months. BTW what’s a drum throne? Is that like a drummer’s stool?


Yes, and you can adjust it to different heights. What’s nice about the drum throne is it has no arms or back to get in the way. Just a place to put your butt.


If you are just starting out, you might be sore for awhile. Like riding a bike after a long time hurts. I also always play with a strap (at least 3" wide) to support the weight, even when sitting (though if you wear it low then this won’t help much). If you have serious back issues, a back brace might help.