Indonesia or Mexico... does one seem to have better quality?

Thanks much guys. I will try not to dissappoint. :wink:


At this point I do wonder if this whole “quality” topic is more a thing of the past. They produce so much guitars in Indonesia and Mexico these days. You would think they are pretty skilled at it… I mean if they had used more expensive materials than I don’t think anyone could notice a difference from a premium made one.

When people complain it’s usually more a case about bad QC and that the product should never have been sold. Quality issues can happen with premiums models too.


Flying in late to this thread…

I have two Indonesian made basses, both Ibanez SoundGear models (an SR300 and an SR500EPB). Quality-wise, they’re both amazing. My SR300 was my only bass for years, and I never had a single issue with it.

I have one USA made bass, a Carvin LB20. Quality-wise, it is also amazing (even in the world-weary condition it was in when I got it). At one point in the early 90s, I had a USA-made Fender Stratocaster (yeah, yeah, after noodling on bass for a while I decided to give guitar a try… not my jam, LOL). Quality-wise, it too was also amazing.

My bottom line? Based on my minimal experiences, I can see no quality differences between Indonesian made instruments and USA made instruments. Your mileage may vary and all that. :slight_smile:

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This has been my experience as well. My instruments made in Indonesia are every bit as well made as the MIJ and MIA instruments I have checked out.

And I am really happy with my bass made in Taiwan.