Infected with MAD!

I have to admit that I have a serious desease. While there are frequent cases of GAS and MBD in this forum, I got infected with MAD (Multiple Amplifier Disorder). I constantly feel the urge to parallel Bass Amps and stack speakers. A voice in my head whispers all the time: Buy more speakers and get yourself an old Ampeg SVT!

All medication failed and my disorder escalates when I noticed that one bass and ten Amps is more effective than vice versa.
MAD makes mad, is definately noisy, but great fun too! Anyone else aquired this desease?


You are going to need to get infected by MEPD as well
Multiple Ear Plug Disorder


or MAID, multipl audio interface disorder. Oh it never ends!


I am imune to this, because I live in an appartement and have to practice with headphones most of the time. Buying an expensive amp would be a complete waste of money. :joy:

I have a small Rumble 25 and I can barely turn this thing up to 9‘o clock without getting into trouble…

(But you can burn serious money on expensive headphones…oh well…)


Not completely. The preamps in expensive amps are really good tho. I sometimes use them with headphones or hook them up to my computer. I do prefer a preamp pedal.


You can go vertical on the audio interface, heaphones, and monitor speakers instead :slight_smile:

This was my path anyway. Haven’t owned an amp in years, no regrets.


My checking account is the only reason I don’t have this disorder.


Same here. Although I have the disorder the checking account and my wife say: FORGET IT, dude!


@Paul Hi, I seem to have possibly caught something from you.

Please explain & TELL ME MORE!


You have me very intrigued. Do you have pics of your setup?
I DO think I would miss FEELING the thump of the bass through an amp though.

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kind of a bad picture, but…

Ignore the printer and NAS in the background :slight_smile:

Audio interface is in the middle there, a SSL 2. It’s USB’d to the computer and is both the audio input and output.

It’s driving two 80W powered monitor speakers; you can see the right one there, the left one is out of frame on the other side of my computer.

Bass and microphone go in to the audio interface as the two inputs.

I also have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro studio monitor 'phones there.

I Direct Monitor the bass, blended 50/50 with the PC output. The bass (and mic) go out the speakers/phones with no latency, and the PC sound output plays directly through the speakers/phones as well.


Thanks for the info. The SSL2 audio interface looks interesting, I made a note.

How would you describe the sound of your headphones? Are they very neutral like monitoring headphones or are they more hifi-sounding?


The Beyerdynamics are very flat, like monitors. I also have a pair of Sony MDR-V6 that are also flat (and for a long time were the most common studio monitors in the world). They (the DT 990 Pros) are definitely not hifi or bass-boosting. They do have some high end gain but it is not bad.


Thanks for the explanation.:slightly_smiling_face:


No problem!

This is my setup…

You could say it’s a bit similar as @Howard but instead of using a computer I use (analog) pedals that go into my keyboard amp that acts as my monitor. Sometimes I don’t use this pedalboard and hook my computer + Zoom U22 audio interface to the monitor instead.

The pedalboard starts on the right with a compressor > preamp > preamp > cabsim. The preamps acts as my amp(s) and I use the cabsim pedal to simulate my favourite cabs. The big plus with this setup is that I can play on low volumes but it still sounds like the real deal because of the sims. Sure the 30W speaker lacks low-end but at least it won’t upset my neighbours.

Thumbs up for the Beyerdynamics headphones. I have the DT-880 which is semi open. Now I can’t stand closed backs anymore so the DT-990 would suit me much better but I do think the bass sounds a little bit better on the 880 or 770.

A good and cheap preamp to start with is the Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21 or if you have more money to spend the Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI is a great preamp too! I also like the Sadowsky SBP-1 & SBP-2 preamps but I went for Darkglass. Darkglass is very good but they are REALLY expensive right now and perhaps better suited if you mainly play hardrock/metal.

Alternative you could also start with a multi-fx pedal like the Zoom B1 four as a pedalboard & amp solution. This pedal has different amps and cabsims included. I had a Line6 HX Stomp but for digital I rather use my computer.


I use the DG B7K to eq just about everything I record now (zero metal) and have really gotten into the cab Sims out of the XLR out. Another level of tone coolness. Been blending both together on two channels in the DAW for really good effect. Cover I’m working on now is originally done on double bass the B7K does a perfect job (less distortion circuit of course).

I have the VT Bass DI too and use it when tone warrants. Just two different options. Both outstanding. IMO


The EQ is really good on the DG isn’t it. :slight_smile: It’s really cool that they include an optional cab-sim slot for XLR out on the preamps too. The DG Elements just works a lot better for playing with cabsims tho. I just connect to bluetooth and I can play with noise gate, power amp and cab sim signals via my smartphone.


Very nice setup, @Paul!
You have quite some cash in your pedalboard, I like especially the Darkglas. Looks you are infected with MPD (multiple preamp disorder) :joy:


Haha thanks. I got both preamps “cheap”. I also have the supersymmetry compressor as alternative to the Cali76 if I want to go full Darkglass :metal: